Friday, November 09, 2012

Happy Endings! [314/365]

And what he got.
For those who know the Lord's Prayer by rote, there is one line in it - 'Bring us not into temptation but deliver us from evil...', today's news was a reminder of how the strongest among us can crumble to temptation.

David Petraeus, CIA Director and four-starred general who oversaw operations at Afghanistan, tendered his resignation citing 'poor judgement in having an extramarital affair' with his biographer. The buxom lady in question, Paula Broadwell, has herself been under FBI investigation for sending anonymous threats via emails and accessing top-secret and confidential files belonging to Petraeus.

Incidentally, this was not even the intended result of the investigation, but seeing the turn of events I am thinking if the director of the best spook organizations failed to keep his fling secret, then that only proves that it simply can't be done.
Many might argue that he took the high road by owning up to the 'mistake' but I wonder if he would have thought this when he was having the romp.
I was fascinated by the title of the biography, '
All In: The Education of General David Petraeus' sounds like a intimate detail of the couple's bedroom education than anything else. But then again, I wouldn't blame Petraeus for the momentary lapse of good judgement because beneath all those medals and stars he is just a man with an aging wife who looked more like his grandmother, and got lucky with a lady who looked like one of those Bond babes. Shaken not stirred
What he was stuck with...
 Professionally, I'd question the authority of an organization that kills, maims and assassinates citizens of other countries, when it's own chief has little morality.

Looking into the future, we will all forget about this. Both the families will survive this very public fiasco, their spouses and children will stand by them unlike former Ms Woods. They will express their deepest regret publicly. One of them will probably land a fat book deal to spill all the salacious bits (and no prizes for guessing who that will be) and there will also be a Hollywood movie (and even a porno) that will be based on this.

So, you see, all in all it's a win-win situation.

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