Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The Victory Dance [311/365]

O Won!
While I wasn't surprised one bit. Given the competition, he could have slept through the campaigning and still won.

There are many reasons why American voters routed Romney out. Mitt's background was anything but convincing. Having a former businessmen at the helm of affairs would have meant repeating many of the sins that they are now trying to fix.

Which is also why Obama's win in a country that has lost its economic advantage is impressive. He won an astounding 332 of 538 electoral votes which means he won comfortably over the 270 that he needed for the second term. And there are thousands of votes that remain uncounted. O also made history by becoming the first American president to win a second term when the nation has been ravaged by high unemployment, natural disasters and a war-sapped economy.

So as the president puts his well-oiled campaigning machine back in the attic and gets back to running the country, the minorities, the blue-collared and the women voters that put him back in power are looking up at him to deliver on his promises.

We could analyze an election that gave stand-up comedians and late-night shows much fodder until we turn blue around our gills. But I don't think any of that will feed the millions who are still unemployed. But O's victory is a testament that America is still made up people who strive and struggle for that American Dream.

It's now time to deliver on those promises, Mr O. Not just because you are the American president elected for the Americans, but also because you are the commander-in-chief of a fragile world on the brink of collapse.
In case you haven't noticed, this is your last chance.

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