Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gutless [351/365]

Source: DNA
Okay, so India is not the safest place for a woman and we've just proven that today. Last night, a 23 year old physiotherapy student who was visiting Delhi before she starts interning was gang-raped. By six men on a joy ride in an unlicensed bus. The six took turns raping her in the most horrific way possible, while driving around in the city. They assaulted her with an iron crowbar so severely that her intestines have suffered irreparable damage and when they had enough, threw her male friend's and her naked body out the bus and fled.

As news of this tragedy spread, India erupted.
Considering how our politicians have been politically impotent, the government fumbled. And how!

The faceless victim has lost most of her intestines due to infection and remains on ventilator. Her male friend is critical but stable and out of danger. She was alert and spoke to her family before she was wheeled in for surgery.
She might live to give a testimony but may not live long enough to see justice being served.

The bastards who raped her, had robbed another man just a few minutes before they picked her up. Had the policemen on duty accepted the man's complaint and acted, the young girl would have gone on to achieve her dreams. But the men saw the victim and her male friend at a bus stop and decided to lure them by offering to ferry them. Little did they know this could be the ride from hell. We don't know what happened within the bus but that hardly matters.

What the men did to the young girl was so brutal that Saddam would blush. But this is not uncommon. Like it or not, she is just a statistic. If numbers speak, Delhi has had more rapes reported this year than every other city in India put together. And we are not even counting the sexual innuendos and other harassment that women live with. Going by the low rate of rapes that get reported, this could be just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.
Why are Indian men so ravenous? Why is our national capital putting us to shame?
The answers could be simple.
Indian parents use different yardsticks to raise their sons. They are trained to compartmentalize and objectify women. Mothers ingrain the thought that women are mere maids and reproductive systems meant to satisfy their father's appetite.
Women are mere objects of a man's desire.

And in case a lady does work, the men at the workplace will ogle at her cleavage, discuss her body (in detail) during their nicotine breaks, and then fantasize about her when making love to his girlfriend/wife/concubine.
I've had male coworkers who would befriend women just so that they can bump and touch her and then discuss about it with their homies.

While much of India protests, I'm beginning to wonder about our double standards. It appears that we are suddenly aghast at how the faceless young girl was brutalized and is fighting for her life.
How many of us remember Aruna Shanbaug?
Why won't we fight for her rights? Or is she a lost cause because we don't see her pain anymore?

We are the real culprits.
Our women are the real victims.

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