Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kya Maal hai yaar? [363/365]

Two days ago, the victim of the Delhi gang-rape was airlifted to a hospital in Singapore.

As news reports come in, we are told that she has irreparable brain injury and has suffered cardiac problems while on-board.

While she may never know the rage that we are demonstrating on the streets, I doubt if any of that will ever matter to her.
Am I a pessimist? No. I hope to God that women everywhere will one day be able to walk free without the fear that men will harm her or her family.

Do I think we need a mental overhaul of how we treat women? Yes. A couple of days ago, when searching for images on the now infamous prime ministerial gaffe for my post, I typed in 'Theek Hai' and hit Search. What I got was a few dozen pictures of Manmohan Singh. I also got a picture of a young Indian girl striking a pose with a caption that read 'Size-theek-hai-na1.jpg. maal hi mAAL'. The image links to a webpage with dozens of pictures of young women who probably never know that their pictures have been uploaded with sleazy comments for public consumption.

This is not the only website with images like this. We have hundreds of sites that willingly host images of young women whose vengeful boyfriends have uploaded. Almost all them have captioned like 'Slutty bit*h reveals her c**t' and such. Nearly all of them allow you to see the images only if you click on 'I am over 18' link but then there's nothing stopping teenagers with raging hormones under 18 from accessing the site either.

Our young protesters will go back to college in a few days time. The online petitions will die out. Gradually our media will move on to cover newer 'Breaking News'. The horror of what happened in Delhi will continue. We need a revolution to end this hypocrisy

We don't need be like China. But we do need a conscience that feels pain and won't give up.

We owe it to ourselves to treat our women with respect.
We owe it to them to ensure that we don't misuse their trust on us.

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