Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Lost my phone... [339/365]

Earlier today:

Tring Tring!
Person on the other end: Hello?!
Me: Hey! Hi. How are you?
Other person: Hello... Who is this?
Me (feeling a little hurt now): This is Navin..
Other person: Who? Navin?
(After a pregnant pause) OOOOOO. Hi! How are you, Navin?
Me: So you didn't even save my number after all these months we've been talking huh?
Other person: Oh no. I lost my phone and all my contacts, you see.
Me: Oh. That happens a lot nowadays (with unmistakeable sarcasm).

I am quite sure most of you are nodding your heads in agreement because you know someone who has either done it or you have done it to someone recently.

While I used to feel genuinely sorry that the other person lost his phone in the most unfortunate way, I have recently started hearing a lot more of this reason to believe there could a mysterious case of mass thefts happening.
How could people not have their phone numbers written down somewhere, especially in this day when you have software backups and all?
How could people not recognize other people by their voices?

You can call me a cruel skeptic but I have my reasons:
People tend to loose their mobile only when they were supposed to contact you with some urgent work but didn't.
People tend to loose their mobiles but they make no effort to email or leave a message on social networking. Incidentally, they would leave a post if they got a promotion and what they ate for breakfast but when they loose their mobiles, that is when you'll have to read their minds.
People know that thefts happen but will never (and I repeat NEVER) write down or memorize numbers. Memorizing 10 digit numbers are passe.
And finally... They'll promise to save your number when you 'finally' call them. Try calling them ini 4 days and they still wouldn't have.

And for all those out there who lost their phones recently and who I haven't called yet, take a number and get in line. I am still in 'A'.

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