Monday, December 17, 2012

Mob-In-Justice [352/365]

One day after Delhi was gang-raped (no pun intended), young and old across religions, caste (excluding the Khaps), creed and orientation seem to have concurred that women are unsafe and rapes must stop.

Random people on the street are horrified. Yes, horrified and brutal are the words of the day at coffee-tables and kitty parties.
Yet, we are still comfortable in our living spaces. Our politicians are suffering from the diarrhea of the mouth and our women are still being raped. Gang raped, mind you.

Close your eyes and pick a spot, any State in India and chances are there is a rape that just happened there.
Self-appointed guardians of the law believe the best way to remedy an injustice like rape is to marry the victim off to the accused. What a wonderful way to ruin the lady for the rest of her short life?!

Politicians and misogynists say it is because of the clothes that we wear. I beg to differ.
Most of the women who were raped wore Indian attire that covered every part of her body that men would've normally ogled at.

As India begins to fester with protests demanding tougher laws for rapists, I am quietly pessimistic.
While the protesters do have the right ingredients to push the government into acting tough, this shouldn't end with a whimper like Hazare's.

The government's job is cut out for them.
The protesters must not force the government to create new laws that won't be enforced.
And since the government agrees that rapes and crimes against women must stop, they must now come together to see how enforcing existing laws more strictly could help. 

What we don't need is mob justice. Driven by emotions, we are compelled to think that rapists must be castrated and given death sentences. Much too simple a punishment for a crime too heinous to imagine.

Rapists must be forced to feel the humiliation, violence and trauma that the victim goes through. Food for thought?

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