Sunday, December 30, 2012

Never Again! [364/365]

I started this day with the shattering news of the death of Delhi gang-rape victim.

Yesterday, a friend posted a picture that had gone viral by now- the picture of Damini (aka Nirbhaya, Amaanat). An unfortunate victim of our lust and disregard.

It was a collage of a young woman with a bandaged head, bruised eyes, visibly battered with tubes coming out of her mouth. Some of the pictures had the face blurred out to conceal her identity.

Then I saw another picture that claimed to be the victim's real identity. And a third and a fourth. It was interesting to see how each of the picture had a caption to convince its reader of its authenticity.

I can understand how strong the urge is to see the face of a girl that the nation is crying about, but I cannot understand why we would want to spread stolen pictures of young women and add a heart-wrenching message to it.
There could be a few angles to it.

Either the perpetrators of this collage think we are gullible enough to believe this is the girl and we need to emote and share the image to a thousand others or this is the sick joke of a demented population of men (and women) who think it is okay to reveal the identity of the victim if that would get the government moving. These are the same bastards who also blur faces of their exes and upload their nude pictures online. The same ones who created panic and hysteria a few months ago.

Either way you look at it, the very act of doing this to extract every ounce of sympathy is fraught with danger. The smart alecs might have inadvertently destroyed the life of some random girl who may never have been raped. Will her (future) boyfriend/husband ever believe her anymore?

Have we not ruined enough women already?
As the nation says 'Never Again', I laugh at the irony of that phrase.

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