Saturday, December 08, 2012

No Remorse [343/365]

Exactly 142 days after his famous error of judgement, the prime accused in the now infamous Guwahati molestation case has been sentenced to two years of rigorous imprisonment and a fine of Rs 2000/-

While I applaud the speed (pun intended) at which this case has reached fruition, I want to know why we behave the way we do.
The prime accused was nabbed almost a month after he groped the teenager to his satisfaction hundreds of miles away at Varanasi. Not praying for redemption, I suppose.

Couple of questions:
Does he have any remorse for the way he treated the woman?
Why has the court not delivered an exemplary punishment instead?
Why were the others acquitted when they were equally brutal and instrumental?
Why would a person who was seen molesting the girl been given a counsel to argue and challenge the verdict?

Now, I know how the law of the land allows even the guilty a chance to fight for his innocence, but really?
When rich rapists and the well-connected corrupt go scot-free, we have to ask if the law is really working?

Mr Kalita, is obviously neither rich nor well-connected but after what he did in July, he surely is famous. Having lost his job, the next two years will see him trying to fight and get vengeful. We could actually be turning an otherwise mild-mannered guy into a sociopath. After all, what he did isn't any different from what thousands of men do to vulnerable women on New Year's eve and other nights.

Surely he was the victim of his own cockiness. Smirking and smiling at the camera, he didn't imagine how he screwed himself.
What's happened to the victim? Will she take comfort that the guy(s) who ripped her shirt will sweat their brows for the next two years?
Or has she succumbed to the trauma of her memory?

When the crime has past and the spotlight has moved on, they are left wandering.
Trying to make sense of it all, pretending to live as normally as they can, all the while crumbling inside.

Kalita, I hope you rot in jail. And this is not because I have a personal vendetta against you, but because I wish your plight will teach future molesters to keep their wandering hands and penises to themselves.

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