Thursday, December 13, 2012

Running on Empty [348/365]

Now, I've consciously stayed away from (watching) commenting on the state of the Indian Cricket team. But with the way the World Champions have been playing lately, I am compelled to write about it.

What the hell is wrong with you guys?
Could someone please help me understand why Dhoni makes the decisions that he does?
Why are the selectors still depending on relics like Sachin, who should ideally be relaxing in his jammies somewhere in the Caribbeans, to win a game?
Where is Poonam Pandhey and why isn't she offering to strip?

With the suspiciously easy way we have been losing to teams both outside and inside India, unless we have Mr Powar at the helm I doubt if we will ever get to the quarterfinals in the next World Cup.
Progressive sporting societies like Australia, Europe and the US have consistently groomed the next generation and encouraged the seniors to contribute, grow and move on.
I can't imagine an Australian or an American sportsperson way past his/her prime clinging on to their sport. Athletes that don't perform are sidelined so that newer talent can nurture. India can be the only country in the world where someone as inconsistent as Harbhajan can survive.

While the moolah is there for all to see, the current spate of humiliating defeats should ring alarm bells to all who matter. The harvest is rich but with the kind of nepotism prevalent at the grassroots, I doubt if we will get to see real talent anytime soon.

There's no winning streak here. Brace yourselves for we are about to run out of ideas. Soon.

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