Thursday, December 06, 2012

The Squeeze [341/365]

While it has been established without the shadow of a doubt that India is a ruthless place for a modern woman, it is a equally cruel place for men who try and protect women.

Three men including an Akali Dal activist murdered an Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) of the Punjab Police when he tried to prevent them from molesting his daughter. Punjab, though, is no exception.

I have seen too many instances of men groping young women in their privates in broad day light. In many cases, the victims do confront the culprits who will pretend like nothing happened. The victims are disoriented and they just decide to get along with their life rather than confront them anymore.
The men will smirk, pass a knowing look to their accomplices and move on to their next target.
In many cases, this happens with the full knowledge of the local cops and politicians.

So what is it that compels a man to grope?
Is he checking for hidden artifacts? I don't think so.
Or maybe he is checking if the flesh is ripe? Possible.

Whatever it could be, he definitely does not want his victim to revolt against him. He wants his women subdued - physically and mentally.
What possible satisfaction could a man get from squeezing a girl's breast or pinching her butt?

I'll probably have to get inside the head of a 'squeezer' or a 'pincher' to even understand why he does this.
Watch this space for more information after my research.

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