Tuesday, December 25, 2012

'tis the season... [359/365]

.. to be jolly. falala la la la..

When you're abroad, Christmas is all about feeling good. When Christians and non-Christians get a much deserved vacation.
When your wives and girlfriends get more intimate with you so that you buy them that fur and gucci, you know you'll have loosen the purse strings.
When your children are at their best behavior, you know its Christmas.

In India, Christmas is a totally different experience.
For most ignorant Hindus, Christmas means getting drunk on rum, wine-soaked plum cakes, and a reason to party in gay abandon.
For young nubile Christians, Christmas automatically means getting drunk and 'socializing' with the opposite sex.

While I have nothing against the faithful enjoying their tipple, I wonder what justification non-Christians have to get sozzled.

Over the years, I've seen the season getting increasingly commercialized. Tantalizing shopping discounts tempt you to break that piggy bank savings you struggled to achieve the whole year.
I am surprised at how we have managed to twist the relevance of the event into something so vile and repulsive.

A church that I once visited on Christmas had its predominantly young, incredibly wealthy and very beautiful congregation wear cocktail dresses and ultra-mini skirts with strapless/backless bustiers and other dresses with plunging necklines and raising hemlines. Nearly every lady at the church was dressed provocatively. The scene isn't very different from another church that I visit regularly either. Teens and young adults at the cusp of college come dressed in mini skirts and strapless dresses that would have looked more in place at a discotheque than a night-time church service. Nearly all of them are actually accompanied by their bleary-eyed fathers in tow. The parents probably never have a say, because it is either supervised church time with the family or unsupervised party time without the family. Either way, the young women are wearing what they want. And the young men, to ogle and single out the girl they want to 'hit on'.
Every year, I take a mental oath to never ever come back to such debauchery. Yet, I return.

But Christmas is also that time of the year, when every event manager and pub worth its salt will announce their New Year eve parties. The biggest DJs, belly dancers, unlimited booze and even more debauchery. They even let you rent out a room for the night. I won't term any sex that happens at these parties consensual, because when you are plied with so much alcohol, you have absolutely no inhibitions. What most women go through at these parties can be nothing less than organized rape. And the men know this. Most are attracted to these parties because they know they will either get lucky doing it or record someone else do it.

But surely, this is not what Christmas is, no?
So how did a day that was meant to commemorate the birth of the Son of Man, and the King of kings mutate into an orgy to satisfy our senses?

Go figure.

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