Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Truth or Dare [353/365]

I've seen protests around the world, have been in the midst of an international conflict once upon a time and even participated in a protest march.

While it appears that our world has suddenly become very volatile, what amuses me the way we protest in India.

We hate to admit that we have double standards. When political parties announce a nation-wide bandh and cripple our economy, we complain. When liquor-fueled hooligans destroy public property we become furious arm-chair activists.
When politicians take out a march in a show of strength and solidarity, we sit in our cars and fume.

In the past couple of hours, I've received atleast two dozen messages that exhort me to protest against the inhuman and 'brutal' rape of the 23 year old paramedical student in Delhi. I am either supposed to assemble for a protest march or (for the lazy arm-chair activists) sign the petition letter that will be duly submitted to the Prime Minister and President of India.
At last count, ten thousands have signed the petition and an equal amount have been protesting against the crime.

And then what?

The problem is Us.
We are all very upset at that way she has been brutally raped.
What about the 1000's of other women who were raped just this year? No one wants to remember the victims of yesteryears anyway.
Why all this emotion?
Why did we have to wait until now?
Isn't every crime against women (sexual or otherwise) 'brutal'?

Our hypocrisy is what does us in.
We have such eloquent examples of love and adoration but we still hate our women. Right from the time the seeds are sown, she fights.

So today, as the national capital burns, our peaceful protesters are not so peaceful after all. Lathis and water canons have been used and tear gas dispersed.
The question here is:
If protesting is a constitutional right and the cause is just, why is the government so scared about a bunch of peaceful protesters?

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