Sunday, August 23, 2015

I have a dream | Manna for your Soul

'I have a dream..' is probably one of the most famous phrases in World history.
Closer back home, more than 70 years ago, Gandhi had a dream too - He dreamed of an India that was free from colonial rule. An India that deserved to be independent then more than ever before.
And then on the midnight of 15th of August, 1947, we won the right to walk out with our heads held high. 
All this because of one man's dream for his nation.

Do you have a dream?
Have you got a goal that you are struggling to reach?
Philippians 3:12-14 gives us the 4 ingredients of a godly dream and I'll sum them up for you here.

Look beyond your present circumstances.
Years ago, when I lost my job in the middle of recession, I couldn't seem to get any calls for interviews. I did have my rainy-day savings that paid my rent and monthly expenses, but the fact that I wasn't getting any offers would bother me. It was then that I had the unique opportunity to raise charity for a lesser fortunate lady that I knew. She was critically ill and needed a lot of money for her hospital stay and treatment. I had the time and the church connections that helped me raise nearly Rs 50,000 for her in one month. 
Think of all the Gods purpose and things you can do despite of what your present circumstances are. I wonder if I would've been able to raise this money had I not been unemployed. 

Need to forget your past mistakes.
Paul, one of the greatest disciples outside of the 12, was once upon a time Christianity's most gruesome oppressor. After the Damascus road experience, he moved from his past mistakes. I can't imagine how guilty he would have felt. But once he accepted God, he quickly discovered how Jesus can forgive you truly and wholly.
Would you stay in a prison when you are guilty and when the President pardons you?
Would you want to stay guilty with your sins when Jesus died for you, because the pardon that our father gives us is good for all eternity.

Forget our past successes.
Don't rest of your past glories. Sure, you have done great and wonderful things in your past, but none of that matters for God. Christianity is a humbling experience. The Bible encourages you to stop living in your laurels and to reach out to those who need the encouragement to take a step higher.
Forgetting what lies behind and reaching for the goal that lies ahead.
Look ahead to the finish lines. Don't look sideways lest you lose sight of your goal. 
Stay focused on the finish line.
Live life expectantly.

The bottomline is - As long as our eyes are fixed on Him, God wants to do the impossible in our lives.

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