Thursday, February 02, 2017

The 7 year itch!

Its been 7 years since I put the finger to the keys to write this blog.
I've written over 700 posts in this time, many of them too controversial to publish and some of them attracting the wrong sort of attention.

Back when I'd chosen to revive this blog, I was just out of a devastating relationship that took 4 years of my life to make and just 2 months to disintegrate. I was still grieving. Yet, when I look at my posts, I am surprised at how resilient and upbeat I sounded. 

I know I never saw myself as a blogger back when I began and I never wrote anything remotely 'click-baity'. Even while I was within a small tight knit community of bloggers, I was never the conventional one. I stuck out like a sore thumb just because I never tried to monetize my blog, sell hype or compete for awards. 
I was content writing. 

In the 7 years since I've had the pleasure of meeting thousands of readers through the posts, I've written. People I would've never met otherwise. I've got fans and brickbat-throwers. 
But today, as I visit blogger's conferences in the real world, it is surreal when total strangers walk up to me to strike a conversation because they follow my blog online. 

This took time and perseverance and wasn't build in a year. 
Through all that I went through, I chose to keep writing. Sometimes up to 360 posts in a year and other times, barely one a month. 
Even when I went through the dreaded writer's block, writing always felt therapeutic. 

Today, as I stand at the cusp of celebrating the 7-year itch, I know I want to write more and publish more. I know I haven't run dry of things I want to write about. I know I still have a few years of sarcasm and satire inside me.

Much has changed outside this blog too!
I've survived a relationship that broke me. 
I've been through the darkest parts of depression by myself and lived to tell the tale. 
Like a living Kintsugi, I am now a person who is stronger inside and out. I may be flawed but I'm not broken anymore. I am no longer a victim but a survivor.
Armed with the calluses of experiences with none of the fatigue bearing it, I now know that people will never respect you until you take yourself seriously. 

I could say a lot more but Julissa Loaiza said it best.
Poignant, this holds true in relationships as well as in life. Paraphrasing from 'The Pale Blue Dot- by Carl Sagan', Sometimes, you're ahead. Sometimes, you're behind. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter because the race is against yourself.

Have a nice rest of the year ahead!

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