Saturday, July 29, 2017

What Women Want

What's on her mind?
What's lingering in her heart?
What's bothering her?
What makes her heart leap with joy?
What makes her pensive?
What makes her the unique person she is?

This is what every man ask themselves. 
So for the sake of all men out there asking this question and haven't watched the Mel
Gibson movie yet, this post is about what women want, from men and life?

Women take their relationships seriously and want their men to respect her as much as she does him. A man who will be invested into the relationship. 
A man who will say No to a guy's night out when his lady is feeling down so that he can stay back home and cheer her up.  Or just listen to her.
A man who will make 'Spending time with her' high on his list of priorities.
A man who isn't emotionally dependent on her to the point of suffocating her, but just enough to want to enjoy her company.
An intellectually articulate man who is loyal in his commitment towards her, sincere in his actions and compassionate to a cause, honest in his thoughts, humorous in his words, supremely confident, with an indomitable spirit of adventure and life. Everything else like wealth, athletic ability is much lower on the list of things she wants in her man. 
She wants his man to let her be the way she is, infinitely accepting of her. Of her flaws and might. Yet, she doesn't want him to agree with her all the time. 
Women aren't walking around with a mental checklist of traits and attributes but they do have a compass that navigates her to the life choices she can't live without. 

Women are sensitive. The same way men are persuasive. Women aren't clingy. But men aren't empathic either. And then sometimes, roles are reversed. 
Women don't want a Bentley. They just need a man who will take them out when they have a midnight craving for ice-cream.
Women don't want 100 sexual partners. They just need that one man who will make love to them the way Jack did with Rose. They want their man to cuddle afterward. They want to be cradled in his arms. They want to wake up next to the man who will look at her like she is the greatest creation he has known. 
Women don't want a fat alimony. They want a stable and healthy marriage that isn't tottering from anniversary to anniversary.

Women want the freedom to choose her path. They want to know they won't be taken advantage of by virtue of her relationship status, or gender. 
They want to be able to go out or let her hair loose the way she wants when she wants. They don't want to be judged, lectured to or talked down to. 

Women don't want to be forced to sleep their way to success. She wants to be acknowledged as a capable person and earn her way to a respectable place in her career. 
Women want to be able to balance a career and everything outside of the workplace with the panache of a ballet dancer without being labeled. They want a fighting chance to live a full life. Because they are every bit as ambitious as men are. 

Women don't want sexist jokes about that time of the month. They don't want jokes around what they say or don't say. They don't want to be treated with kid gloves. They don't want strangers peering down her cleavage or staring at her curves. They don't want handouts. They want men (and other women) to respect her for her tenacity, courage, and intelligence. 

Unlike what the media and certain mediocre authors say, women aren't too complicated or from Venus. Her needs are few. Her desires even less. She wants the world to see her soul without having to bare herself naked. 

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