Saturday, August 07, 2021

Right Swipe Right

She was a prized catch!

She was a sapiosexual (even when the only books she read were fat law books, beauty magazines, and articles on the internet on 'How to talk to a guy and make him love you').
Like the rest of the people on Tinder, she was looking for a single guy and was against one-night stands or casual sex. Cliched? 
Maybe, but her astute observation revealed the magic sauce was in having the right pictures.

Her Tinder profile boasted of the beautiful person she was, and she had an exciting body that was both curvy and pasty to prove. A few pictures of her last trip to Goa, another image of her sipping on some margarita, a photo of her pouting, and a few other pictures of her showing her ample cleavage, and she's sure the bait was ready to be cast. 

As the requests started pouring in, she didn't realize how exhilarating the attention would be. She was flattered. If the pictures were any indication, it looked like half of the men wanted to court her and do everything humanly possible to win her heart, and the other half of the men were married scumbags who still tried to bed her and 'maintain her.'

Looking back, she realizes this is where the downslide began.

He was an average-looking techie, but it was the bio that snagged her attention. She was hooked line and sinker.
But the eloquence of the words he strung together made her fall in love with him. So she swiped right and crossed her fingers. Probably thinking about the folly of being on the other side of Tinder luck. And then just as suddenly realizing, 'Meh, if he doesn't swipe right on me, then it's his loss.' 

Her talisman of success was based on the foundation of self-worth. Ebbing at times like this when she thought she wasn't enough, but then quickly realizing she is a prized trophy any day. 

She was a successful lawyer. Her female clients chose her for her reputation and didn't mind paying the ₹ 1 lakh fee she charged per hearing. She was known to rip apart faithful, harmless husbands her clients wanted out from their lives. Her clients did no harm, said no evil, yet didn't mind the carnage she would cause. She had the enviable task of being able to choose who she represented, and when she did, the men and their lawyers shuddered. They would not want to cross swords with the one lawyer Legal Era called the 'Divorce Lawyer You Need to Get' in 2019.

They matched!
Her average joe finally swiped right on her. 

'Of course!' She thought.

The poor schmuck didn't know what he was getting into. Yet.

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