My Bucket List

  1. Get fit and stay fit for an entire year. IN PROGRESS
  2. Forgive every person who has hurt you. IN PROGRESS
  3. Cycle long distance. DONE
  4. Learn to speak a foreign language fluently.
  5. Ride a camel safari / African safari.
  6. Learn to play a musical instrument.
  7. Spend a night in a haunted house.
  8. Spend New Year in an exotic place. DONE
  9. Sleep in a desert tent.
  10. Spend Christmas on a beach.  DONE
  11. Make a speech in public. DONE
  12. Go on a Deep Sea Dive. DONE
  13. Dive with Sharks.
  14. Go up in a hot air Balloon.
  15. Run a full Marathon.
  16. Sky dive over the Himalayas.
  17. Bungy Jump from the Bloukrans Bridge.
  18. Go Camping in a forest. 
  19. Climb the Egyptian Pyramid.
  20. Visit the Great Wall of China.
  21. Go on a Supersonic flight on a fighter jet.
  22. Swim with a Whale.
  23. Go on a Covert Ops mission.
  24. Be Left handed for an entire month.
  25. Watch the Olympics as a Spectator.
  26. Chase a Storm.
  27. Hang Glide.
  28. Go Whitewater Rafting.
  29. Travel the world with a Rucksack and a Sleeping bag.
  30. Learn the Salsa 
  31. Teach someone illiterate to read.
  32. Witness the Rio Carnival.
  33. Attend a Hip Hop concert.
  34. Visit the Holy Land.
  35. Go on a Bike ride from Kashmir to Kanyakumari
  36. Be in Love, completely and unconditionally. IN PROGRESS
  37. Send a message in a bottle.
  38. Write my Autobiography.
  39. Be an extra in a movie.
  40. Get Tattooed at LA Ink.
  41. Plant a tree and watch it grow.
  42. Take part in a circus.
  43. Help build a house. DONE
  44. Grow a mustache and beard and keep it for 3 months. DONE
  45. Witness the famed Bull fight.
  46. Bowl the first delivery to the Captain of the Indian Cricket team.
  47. Get into the Guinness Book of World Records.
  48. Spend a week in silence.
  49. Take part in a protest.
  50. Pay off all my loans. DONE
  51. Eat junk food an entire day and not feel guilty about it. DONE
  52. Sell all my belongings in a garage sale and travel across the world.
  53. Be a contestant on a game show.
  54. Sleep under the stars. DONE
  55. Ride the highest roller-coaster.
  56. Give a stranger Rs 1,000.
  57. Shave my head, all by my self.
  58. Spend an entire day in a Lift.
  59. Walk in the Dead Sea.
  60. Learn First Aid. DONE
  61. Write to Chetan Bhagat DONE
  62. Dance with the Lady Boys of Thailand.
  63. Cross the Saichen Glacier by foot.
  64. Trek to an Active Volcano.
  65. Teach English to less privileged people. DONE
  66. Attend the Love Parade, Germany.
  67. Join a Caravan in the Sahara.
  68. Write a letter to everyone I know, about how much I love them.
  69. Finish reading all the books in my library.
  70. Play the Roulette at Las Vegas.
  71. Attend the Oktoberfest.
  72. Bare all in a nude beach.
  73. Spend a night a graveyard, all alone.
  74. Handle a python.
  75. Write my Will. DONE
  76. Go on a Tiger trail.
  77. Travel to the top of the Worlds tallest building. DONE
  78. Play a strategy game for 24 hours straight.
  79. Make a snowman.
  80. Volunteer at a Hospital for an entire day.
  81. Call the Customer Care of a company and write to them about how happy you are with there services. DONE
  82. Be a strict vegetarian for an entire month. DONE
  83. Organize a Picnic. DONE
  84. Fly first class.
  85. Build and fly my own RC Helicopter.
  86. Learn sign language.
  87. Shake hands with the President/Prime Minister.
  88. Pray with the Pope.
  89. Work as a waiter for 1 week.
  90. Donate Blood. DONE
  91. Donate body for science. DONE
  92. Write an Editorial.
  93. Dip in the Ganges
  94. Raise a child.
  95. Shake hands with Aamir Khan.
  96. Have a perfume made just for me.
  97. Work in a book shop for a week.
  98. Own a TAG Heuer wristwatch.
  99. Milk a cow.
  100. Write a 5000 word novel in 1 month.
Edit (2015):


40 before 40 (with my partner...)

  1. Watch a cricket match in a stadium.
  2. Visit New Zealand (LOTR).
  3. Drive from Kanyakumari to Srinagar.
  4. Learn to Salsa.
  5. Start a Pay It Forward chain.
  6. Skinny dipping.
  7. Participate in one adventure sport.
  8. Have a luxury holiday in the same city you live in.
  9. Attend a Carnatic music concert.
  10. Worship with the Hillsong team.
  11. Watch a Broadway show.
  12. Send personal notes/cards to all the people you love through snail mail.
  13. Go on a double date.
  14. Get married on the beach.
  15. Talk all night (in person).
  16. Attempt a professional dessert.
  17. Visit each other's school/college.
  18. Live for one day on just 100 rupees.
  19. Do something special to recognise every person who provides daily services (watchman, maid etc).
  20. Make love in a swimming pool/jacuzzi.
  21. Volunteer one week at a charity or NGO of your choice.
  22. Learn a language and become fluent in it.
  23. Live a week together in an island (Just the two of us).
  24. Cook something exquisite for eachother.
  25. Spend Christmas on a beach/Spend New Year at an exotic place.
  26. Go up in an hot air balloon.
  27. Go Whitewater river rafting.
  28. Send a message in a bottle/Leave a time capsule.
  29. Eat only junk food for an entire day.
  30. Sleep under the stars/Stargaze.
  31. Walk in the Dead Sea.
  32. Dance with the Lady boys.
  33. Create a library of books you want to read in your sunset years.
  34. Be a strict vegetarian for a whole week / Do a week-long diet together.
  35. Meet your favorite porn star.
  36. Work in a book shop for a week.
  37. Pack only essentials and pick a random train/flight and explore the last destination on the journey.
  38. Loose 10 kilos from the previous year.
  39. Kiss eachother on top/in front of a famous monument.
  40. Buy a book by your favorite author and get it signed.

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