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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Houston, we have a problem [45/365]

Whitney Houston: The latest victim of seemingly endless wealth and fame.
The most awarded female singer in history, was found dead in the bathtub of her hotel on the 11th Feb.
Heart-wrenching nonetheless, as millions paid their respects and reminisced her life through the past couple of decades, I prayed silently. I prayed that she finally finds the peace and love that eluded her all her famous life.

How much money do we really need?
And given all the money and fame, do we know how to live our lives unblemished?
Where do you think you'll end up when you've made the wrong choices in life?
How would you like to be remembered long after you've gone?
Pertinent questions that I ask myself every time I hear about a death.
Showbiz is a cruel place, I agree. As harsh as the spotlights and as fleeting as the paparazzi, Whitney will not the last person who had talent, got lucky, became insanely rich (no pun intended), got the wrong habits and ended up dead in a hotel room.
I'm quite sure she might have visioned a different life for herself. She may have wanted to retire in peace while still being remembered for that glorious voice she immortalized. She may have visioned a healthy marriage and a large family. She may have craved to be a role model for her daughter. She may have visioned a death in a lot more dignifying place than a bathtub. She may have wanted her loved ones around her when she shut her eyes for the last time.
But she didn't.

Life is cruel. While she may have had many of the things that mere mortals struggle to achieve all their lives, she also had her demons, that many of us would never want to have any part of. Occupational hazard, I guess but then there are a lot of celebrities, who have maintained a fair semblance of sanity and sanctity in their lives and their careers before taking the final bow. Like clockwork, you will begin to hear shameful accounts of Whitney's downward spiral from people who benefited from her fame and money. Relatives, friends and well-wishers will come alive from the woodwork for a piece of whatever is left of her legacy and wealth. Does she deserve this? Tough question to answer.
I doubt if she'll want to care of what the living will have to say or think anymore.

Death is cruel too. Our debate of heaven and hell ends on earth.
While I am no one to judge her, I can say that her choices in life is not something that could entitle her to a place in heaven. She may have made her peace with God in her final moments, and I sure hope she did.

Death is the equalizer. It does not matter whether you are the most admired CEO of the most successful business on earth or if you've got the most awards in your life, what matters eventually is the choices you make in your life here.

RIP Houston.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

And finally she did!

While proving that India didn't lack men who were hungering for her skin, she has also retained the title of 'The most downloaded model on the internet' (sic) by dangling this picture.

Atlast, now those Venezuelan and Brazilian babes can go back home now.

Okay, here's a thought, Ms Pandey. How about promising to strip if terrorists stop bombing?
Finally, we'll have peace and you can go absconding again.

What surprises me is how human beings will stoop to conquer eye balls.
While most sane people would never want to hear disgraceful things said about themselves and their upbringing or parents, there are some like our dear Ms Poonam 'I'll-strip-for-nuts' Pandey who wouldn't mind even if the entire nation had labeled her a 'publicity stunt' and a wannabe.

Why? But I guess this will always remain as those things we do but won't like to admit we are doing with an sinister motive in mind.

So now, how do you suggest we punish people like Ms strip?
Make her read all of Ms Arundhati Roy writing. That should sufficiently traumatize instill discipline in errant people like her.

Poonam, please learn a lesson or two from Larissa Riquelme

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