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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We got to talk [10/365]

'We got to talk'
My Manager tells me as I walk in, in an ominous tone.
He would even avoid eye contact and have the face that could make Hitler squirm.
With a nod that would indicate that I've got exactly 30 seconds to materialize in the meeting room which always looked like it was a graveyard.
In the 20 steps that it'd take me to reach the room, my mind is racing with every possible faux pas that I could've committed in the last 96 hours. Almost inevitably, I remember of something I missed. 'Crap!' While I am mentally preparing myself for another holier than thou sermon or is it going to be kick in the fleshy rear? Oddly enough, my entire life does flash past my eyes. By the time I reach the room, I have a knot in my throat.
And the fact that room always seem to be a couple of degrees below zero doesn't help.

But it appears that he just wanted to congratulate me on a job well done. Close call
All the heart-burn that I went through just a couple of minutes earlier seems forgotten. As I walk out of the room triumphantly, I reflect on what I would go through as I wait for that moment with Jesus Christ on the Judgement Day.

I'm often reminded of 2 Corinthians 5:1-11.
A relative of mine once quipped Christ is not looking at your ability but your availability. This is true.
When I was going through the darkness months of my life, I groaned. I found it hard to believe that my Lord would allow me to go through the trauma that I was going through. I had to surrender myself to Christ. But it is so much easier said than done. I found my soul willing, yet the body failing.
That is when I heard a preacher tell 'Walk by faith, not by sight'. I found courage and inspiration in this.

As the end times are being played out, and we see God's prophesies come into fruition, I find myself retrospecting;
How faithful and honest are we to God, living in a body that He made for us?
Have I done justice to the enormous talents that He gave me?
Are we present in the body and absent in Christ or was it the other way around?

As humbling as it will be and as surreal as it appears, you, I and everyone we'll ever know of, will be walking into that meeting room that God has prepared for us. The choice of walking out with that overwhelming regret of never-ending doom or if we'll walk out triumphantly is something we all can make right now.

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