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Monday, March 05, 2012

Facing your demon [64/365]

Lent is the period of 40 days that starts from Ash Wednesday leading upto Maundy Thursday.
Traditionally, this is a period when most major denominations of Christianity observing fasting or give up certain luxuries as a sign of penance.
Biblically, this period also signifies the period of fasting that Jesus observed in the desert before beginning this public ministry.

Most Christians I know observe some form of penance during Lent. If Christmas means feasting, Lent means fasting.
Lent has now become a more prevalent form of worship and reflection in the last few decades and it has do with the spread of Christianity to regions that had other forms of religions native to them.

Almost every tradition and celebration in Christianity has its roots in pagan worship. Lent began as a tradition believed by the Semeramis, where the wife of Nimrod the King of Babylon, claimed she had been supernaturally impregnated by the Sun god and gave birth to Tammuz. One day while hunting, Tamuz was killed by a wild boar. Semeramis mourned for 40 days, at the end of which Tammuz was supposedly brought back from the dead. She proclaimed herself Queen of Heaven, founded a celibate priesthood to worship her son and declared its chief priest infallible, and memorialized her mourning in an annual 40 day period of denial. It was the world’s first counterfeit of the Biblical story of the Redeemer and grew into a mother-child cult that was duplicated in almost every pagan mythology.

While the cause of the resisting the devil by depriving yourself of something is a noble thought, why restrict itself to just 40 days? Is the Lord allowing you to return to the devil after Easter?

If you feel the Lord is leading you into a 40 day period of self-deprivation to draw nearer to Him, more power to you. But if you’re just observing a tradition of man’s religion it won’t serve any purpose except to prove that you can go without something for 40 days.


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