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Monday, February 13, 2012

Greed is Good [43/365]

Recently, an Insurance agent was trying to peddle one of his company's latest Life Insurance policy. The terms of the policy stated that I would need to pay half of my pay for a minimum of three years for a million dollar payout at the end of ten years. Naturally, the prospect of getting a million dollars meant that I could actually retire in a decade.
However, I asked him the all pertinent question - What if I die tomorrow? Like the seasoned salesman that he was, he convinced me that my nominee (my girlfriend) would get the million dollars. What if she died too? Now, he was stumped, since he couldn't say my yet to be born children were going to get the million dollars.

In Luke 12:13-21, Jesus tells us of how we save, anticipate and plan for a future that we don't have any control over. We can't even predict if we will survive tonight.
The poignancy of the scripture makes us sit up and think about what really is important in our lives - God.
While God never propagates that we live in poverty and while he has encouraged us to use our talent and wisdom to create wealth, what he does abhor is that we neither bring shame to Him by our miserliness or by gluttony. He expects us to the smart yet rich person who is not afraid of letting go of what can be lost to rust and ruin, for that indestructible wealth in heaven. Not that we will want any of the wealth when we reach heaven, but living our lives the way Jesus did should be our guidelines.

In simpler words, a JD for a place in heaven is asking for a person who is 'forgiving, loving, tolerating, being patient, understanding and wise'.  
Have we got it in us?

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Death - your Comfort break

With the number of high profile people who have died this year, 2011 is truly turning into a tragic year that the world history will remember forever.
While the media might be ready with their obituaries, how do relatives and loved ones of those who died cope up with the irreparable loss?
For most celebrities vying for their 15 minutes of fame, high profile deaths will be a way to rehash half chewed emotions and cheap sentiments.
Death is a scary thought. I remember how scared and upset I would get when my parents would mention their deaths.
Most kids and over-grown adults still get ruffled up and refuse to accept any talk of their loved one's death.

But is death really a bad thing?
You could be the biggest billionaire the planet has seen. Or you could be a homeless beggar living on just 32 rupees a day.
You could afford to buy a Bentley every single day and still have money to burn or you could a person who skips a second meal today so that he can eat a single meal tomorrow.
You could be on the cover of Forbes or you could be that random dirty face you pass by at traffic stop.
Death is a relief for all humans. It is that event of your life where your harshest critic and your toughest foe level up.

Death is something like where we finish our act on the main-stage and head back home.
You know that you no longer have to act or pretend. You can finally be yourself.
You don't have to worry about taxes. And if you're famous, your procession will be the last time you'll ever create a traffic jam.
But whether you are rich or poor, all you'll need is just 6 ft of earth.

When the fanfare and the tirade of obituaries die, does it really matter to the person?
Would the recipient of all that glowing eulogy raise up from the coffin and cheer?
All the flowers in the world cannot lessen the pain nor fill the vacuum that person left in the lives of his/her family.

Could we have been less critical and more appreciative of that person when he/she was alive?
Maybe, yes.

Because the world is an unforgiving place to be. 
Let the dead rest in peace, because they deserve it.

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