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Monday, April 30, 2012

April Ahoy! [120/365]

So here we are as another month comes to a glorious end.
And in the time-tested tradition of this blog, we review the vomit.

For India, April turned up the heat, and literally so.
Many parts of India have seen the mercury rising faster than it's inflation.
But we were in for a plenty of surprises too.

Dirty word of the month: Shock

Jennifer Love Hewitt, famous for her roles in 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' as the busty jumpy teenager, caused a controversy when pictures of her famous cleavage were digitally doctored to show a more 'respectably sized' mammaries. If you ask me, I'd say they knew our Censor Board well.

I slept through an earthquake I was supposed to feel. But much of India ran out of their homes, offices, bathrooms and boardrooms in panic. Rather fortunately, no casualties were reported and much of India resumed work after an unscheduled break.

Continuing our hate psychosis with the girl child, another well publicized girl baby was poisoned and killed in Bangalore. Thank God, I found a girl and married her. The time is not very far away when our grooms will not have any more brides to wed.

Agni 5. The Subcontinent's obsession with fire continues. And we still don't know which came first - the Chicken or the Egg. Unlike with dossiers, Pakistan responded positively with Shaheen.

And staying with Pakistan, a domestic airline crashed. One of those rare deaths not caused by it's local brand of terrorists. The time is nigh to curb accidents caused by sheer greed and negligence. Knowing how the company that owns the aircraft went about it's business, I am pretty sure all this will be hushed up very fast and the owner of the company will be basking in a non extradition country in a few months from now.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

'Hold the Thought, Get the Point' has shut down [91/365]

'Hold the Thought, Get the Point' has been found guilty in provoking deep and sensual thought among Indians everywhere and has been taken over by the Union Minister of Information, Mr Kapil Sibal and the PMO.
As a result of this action, this blog will be shut down today.
Thank you for reading this blog. Now, get lost.

But if you still insist on staying and reading, then click here for the first guest blog written by a wonderful blogger from down south. 

And oh yes, wishing all a great day of ingenious pranks and Happy Birthday to all Atheists around the world.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Flu [83/365]

So it's time for the Indian Premier League (IPL) again.
Into it's fifth edition, this is cricket packaged in tetra packs ready for instant gratification.
It's easy to see how IPL has become a conglomerate in itself. There is serious money involved.

Started in 2008, by Lalit Modi after a spat with the all-mighty BCCI, today it is hard to imagine what money hungry cricketers and corporations with deep pockets and money to burn would have done with IPL.

Starting from the 4th April, India and her cricket crazy lunatics will live, breathe and procreate nothing but cricket for the next two months.

Is the IPL with its motley bunch of cheerleaders, multi-million dollar deals and players across the borders really helping the game? No one really remembers the ICL anymore since IPL was never about the game anyway.

Is all this cricket good for our over paid, under-performing cricketers? Doubtful.
While MSD will reiterate, as in all the previous years, that the IPL is all about the fun and fatigue is not a question here, I would wait to see the number of fit players catching up injuries and the unfit players who stayed away from the tournaments so far hurrying back to play the IPL. Maybe, we should tell Dhoni to give us newer and more innovative statements instead of playing the same card every year.

But I really don't have anything against cricketers harvesting the rich field while the sun still shines. After all, not all of them will refuse to retire from Cricket the way god is. Which brings me to an interesting point.
Playing an honest game of cricket for the glory of the country was never his objective. He was just trying to heap up the accolades all along. ahuh! How I hate it when I am right.

With the kind of manic cricket that Indians play, I'd be surprised if we have any of the current crop of demi-gods remain as fit as they need to be. All those dives and plunges will ultimately take its toll. With the level of competitiveness that we play our game (pun intended) our cricketers really need to hurry. That way, the IPL does make a lot of sense.

But call me old fashioned, I still believe the IPL makes bad business sense. Considering how each of the player makes about $3 mil each year and the reality of how each of the corporates have not even broken even, it could be only a matter of when and not if the model will tank. But then again, some of the bigger corporates in the game are really not in the game to break even or even make a profit, but only to launder their money.

The IPL is nothing but a heady concoction of obscene amounts of money.
But all of this will be forgotten and rehashed in about 12 months because India is about to have her most exquisite orgasm.

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