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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Day After Tomorrow [3/365]

It is said that Humans are the only species that actively destroys the very same habitat that can support it.

Of the 1% difference between humans and the chimp, we have finally blurred the line that separates us from maniacal yet fictitious aliens that have been invading earth. Since the 70's.

If the dwindling tiger numbers are anything to go by, the only carnivores that humans will see alive will be those in zoos. And if we are lucky this will happen in our lifetimes. 

The 'Save Our Tiger' media campaigns helped spread the message but like anything else, was short lived. Post all the euphoria and 'sharing', at 1700 tigers, this speaks of our inability to save ourselves from our greed. 

While the Chinese and Japanese gorge on exotic medicines that are made out of tiger skins, whales, dolphins and elephants, to cure everything from sexual dysfunction to cancer, the greedy among us are eager to cater to the 'growing' demand.

A news article that spoke of how two tiger reserves in India would be protected by highly trained armed commandos, got me thinking.. (Read article)
No measure of armed guards or surveillance can stop temptation. Considering how climate change is a reality and not a mere prediction, and seeing how global weather patterns have been changing for the past couple of years, I wonder how many of us can survive the changes that we have directly or indirectly brought on ourselves.

I even wonder if too many of us will be around to enjoy the fruits of our 401K's.
While evolution did give us a whole lot of goodies from her bag of tricks, she kept the survivalist skills to herself. 

Unlike the tigers that we have been hunting, we don't stand a chance without our dolo 650's and vicks vaporubs when she decides enough is enough.

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