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Sunday, April 29, 2012

And the award for the Most Versatile Blogger goes to... [119/365]

I took to blogging as a way to release creative steam. And a lot of it.
Blogging allowed me to write in a way that defined the way I see things around me.
I am a hopeful romantic and an optimist.
People ask me why I blog when I don't earn anything out of it. A question I can't answer very easily. But someday, I'd like to earn a respectable living out of all that I write.
Am I addicted to blogging? I can't say that either.
But I am constantly thinking about what I'll blog for today. So that makes me a borderline maniac who is very critical and has an opinion about everything.

A day before the new year, a very good photographer friend of mine challenged me to a 365 Challenge to blog. Challenge accepted. So with the number posts and the topics I've been writing on, I have my fans and my haters.
But when one of my reader and a keen blogger herself, Ruchita Vakman  awarded me with the 'Most Versatile Blogger' award, it felt good! Really good. Thanks Ruchita!

There are some rules I need to follow though.
1. Create a new post. Check.
2. Thank the lovely person who nominated you for the award. Check.
3. Pass it on to your fellow bloggers.
This is not going to be easy.
Bloggers that I would like to recognize and in no particular order is,
Alka Narula. She is a wonderful poet and has a great eye for detail. I love the topics she writes on and she is also a guest blogger for my blog.
Saru Singhal. I find her poems really unique and expressive. You can almost have an image in your mind.
Nabanita Dhar. She writes on topics that you and I would've thought of at some point of your day. Besides, she is also one of the guest bloggers for my blog.
Joshi Daniel. For the wonderful pictures that he captures. Truly a thousand words.
Umashankar Pandey. Wonderful with words. Riveting.
Debajyoti Ghosh. Multi faceted. He has a unique way with satire.
Rohini Singh. Story teller and prolific writer. Must read the 'Incomplete Chapter'.
C Suresh. I love the humor and the wit in his posts.
Leopaw. He calls his posts 'Self Improvement'. I call it Satire, at it's best.
Ranjith. Funny. Wordsmith.
4. State 7 random facts about you.
Seven Random Facts?! Gee, isn't that really tough. Wait, I need to check my Wikipedia page. Oh yeah, I don't have a wiki page on myself yet. Okay, while I realize that this is going to come back to me and bite me in my derriere when I am famous, I'll still list them for your voyeuristic pleasure.
  1. -I love ink. Given a chance (and permission from gf) I would spend a significant part of my savings on tattoos. I've got three until now. Until I married, that is.
  2. -I am a recovering shopaholic. Once upon a time, far far ago, when I would shop until I drop.
  3. -I am freakishly freaky about cleanliness. I OCD with the broom.
  4. -I love collecting miniatures. Cars, aircrafts, ships.
  5. -I fantasize driving a big rig or flying an F22 Raptor. My favorite games are '18 wheels of steel' and 'F22-Raptor'
  6. -I love planning and giving surprises for my partner. Hate it if she finds out what I've been planning.
  7. -I crave for a vacation where I'll do nothing but read and write.
5. Claim and post the award pic. Check.
That's right. Take a good, long look at it. You are looking at the newest Most Versatile Blogger in this zipcode.

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