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Thursday, February 05, 2015

A post about 4 Videos and 1 hero

The past month has been abuzz with the AIB Roast being banned. 

Now, the video doesn't have anything that we don't already say in real-life to eachother or things that we haven't already thought about in our heads about people. Sure, it has profanities and it probably could have come with a disclaimer:
Not suitable for children below the age of 13 and people with an IQ less than 40. Just saying...

I've got 2 things to tell people who want the video banned: 

  1. You don't like it, don't fucking watch it. Close the tab, uninstall the browser, switch off your computer and throw it into the fucking Bay Of Bengal! 
  2. If there is something you shouldve realised it is the following: By banning something, you are only propagating it further. 

Oh and guys! While you are at it, here are 4 other videos for your viewing pleasure that you might find delightful. Please go ahead and ban them too.

Now, since we are still talking about amazing videos, here's one that might knock the socks right off your feet. Enjoy!

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