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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice | The Corny Movie Review by Navin

Superman vs Batman Or is it Batman vs Superman?
However you choose to call it, this installment of the most famous characters in the DC Comics franchise isn't anything you'd come to expect out of superhero movies. 

The movie does start with a lot of premise. There is plausible cause why the caped avenger should take on the crime-fighting bat. Their reasons - Justifiable. The 'regular' human in us is compelled to take sides. 
The gore and the violence that punctuates the movie is something that would have made us sit attentively a few years ago. Not anymore. 

Maybe DC Comics realized they could duplicate the success that Marvel had when they teamed/pitted their superheros against eachother. And why not? Batman vs Superman promised to be the epic showdown of the century because it is two of the most recognizable brands in the superhero universe. But director Zack Snyder just doesn't have the technical or storytelling finesse of a Christopher Nolan at the helm. 
Ben Affleck is no Christian Bale, a George Clooney or a Val Kilmer and Henry Cavill is certainly not a Christopher Reeve. 
Batman with his childhood trauma issues has been played and stretched thin for too long and Superman can't seem to break out of a mould of being a 'fixer/rescuer/do-gooder'. Surely, there are fans who will vye for each but the fact that DC Comics is nothing beyond a Batman or a Superman is reason why it will never be a Marvel. 

Would I recommend it? If you aren't a fan of either, please stay away. This isn't how Superman or Batman is supposed to be like and I wouldn't want you going away thinking how 'un'superhero-like they were.
If you are a fan, please stay away. This movie is an excellent example of how weak direction can whittle away an excellent opportunity. None of the characters are super or heroic. Surely there is a lot of CGI and VFX to see, but we are way past the point where only that could impress us. Movie-goers demand a plot that's well-made and makes you want to come back for a sequel.

My Rating: 4.5

What does the ratings mean?
0-4  : Not worth your presence in the same zip code as the TV/Theater.
5-7  : Err... the movie is pretty, but it's definitely missing something. A storyline, that is.
8-10: 'Drop-the-dishes, stop-the-sex, jaw-dropping, that-is-incredible' 2 hours of movie experience

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Coming Soon: My Corny Movie Reviews [Part 1]

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