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Friday, March 16, 2012

Finally! [75/365]

The god of Cricket delivered.

But instead of being truly happy, what I felt instead was relief. Relieved that we can now let Sachin be Sachin and not worry ourselves or him with urgency of cracking any more records for our gratification. And I know a lot of people who felt the same too.

While sportspeople have always been serenaded and unceremoniously dumped when they have not given us our dollar's worth, what Sachin went through could have been nightmarish. Something similar to what a couple, or more importantly the wife, would go through when they haven't borne a child yet, even after a year of marriage. The sheer volume of questions and the curious glances at her pelvic region and yours mentally theorizing that there could be a problem in bed or with the 'equipments'.

But unlike when and if the couple has a child, Sachin's 100th ton will always be a much less memorable one than if he had scored the same ton in Australia or if his current ton would have won India the match. Against a mediocre team and in a match where even his historic contribution failed to wing the team over, Sachin can now hang up his boots ala The Wall in relative satisfaction.

Personally, I think he can now hold his head high and walk away into the sunset despite his admission that he is not god but only Sachin, I have a feeling he'd rather wanted to end on a high note than be forever known as a 'choke' and a flash in the pan. As anything, a record like this is more for his own gratification than for the country.

And the time is just right now. With a team urgently in need of youngsters for the next generation and the World Cup a good 3 years away, Sachin needs to make way. Besides we cannot keep winning all the World Cups for Sachin, can we?

Keeping the goose that is way past her golden egg laying days just so that BCCI can fund it's retirement plans is a wasted effort.

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