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Saturday, April 07, 2012

'OMG! You're fat' [97/365]

Visiting my Mom and family is always tricky.
The first thing she will exclaim is
'OMG! You have put on lots of weight! You have to do something'  
Gee, thanks ma. I know.  No matter how many times they would've seen you, they still expect you to loose that weight before you meet them the next time.
Normally, mothers pester their sons to get better jobs, earn more, marry and to procreate. But no. My mom wants me to go to a gym and loose weight.

A quick BMI calculation will show that I am only slightly overweight.
Source: Wikipedia
But given the amazing food that my lovely Wife serves me with oodles of love and the sedentary work that I do, can I be blamed? But yes. I need to do something about this. Unfortunately, I've doomed myself since one of my minor resolutions for this year was to loose weight.

While I won't defend obesity, I can't understand why there is a certain obsession with being thin. I used to be sickly thin until a decade ago. Those were the days I lived in a PG. Mr Rao's food used to be bland yet never let me put on weight. I wonder what he put into his food.

So, when you are a person who was formerly a size 0 and then a size kaboom, like me, you'd be the recipient of many 'fat questions' and curious stares at your midriff. Hello, the face is up here.

I remember I put on weight just as I met my first girlfriend. My exes were obsessed with having me loose my weight. What began as harmless jibes on my 'round shape' soon became insensitive remarks about how huge I am.
While I was never conscious of how I looked until then, these remarks made me sit up and take notice.
Thankfully, I did drop the extra weight. We broke up.

No, I don't hate my body but I don't want to embrace it either. Cliched as it sounds, I hate it when people judge you on how much you weigh rather than how you are inside.
I don't have an eating disorder nor do I eat junk and drink plenty of water. I neither smoke nor drink, I don't have cholesterol, diabetes or high blood pressure. I handle stress pretty well and make sure I eat several hours before I sleep. I have a wonderful relationship with my wife, my Mom and love the job that I do. I am quick on my feet and love yoga and cycling long distances. But I am still looked upon as a freak who is fat.

But like the Asian obsession with color, the Indian obsession with being tall and thin continues.

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