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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Big Bang theory [206/365]

On the 4th of July, physicists cheered the discovery of what they call the 'God Particle'.
Interesting name for a discovery which is supposed to debunk the theory of creation.

As readers across the world woke up to news that a bunch of scientists cracked the secret behind all universe, there were a few unremarkable interviews about what this discovery really meant and how it could impact Christianity.

How remarkable is this world that we live in?
How amazing are the people that inhabit the tiny blue speck in the vastness called Universe?

I am reminded of Carl Sagan's famous description of the 'Pale blue dot' that is the Earth. We live out our limited lives in a planet that will outlive us, striving to find out purposes, struggling to make ends meet and finally realizing that all of our vain lives were but a whimsical attempt to grasp wind with our fists. Coming from a person like Sagan, this is profound.

The 'Higgs Boson', popularly known as the 'God damn particle' in the media, reignited debates on what (or who) created the Universe. Theoretically proven to exist, experiments to recreate it began in the early '60s. It took the European Organization for Nuclear Research, commonly known as CERN, more than $13 billion to prove the origins of the Universe. In today's world, that may not be a huge sum. We have ordinary MPs and politicians in India who gobble many times that figure during their active political lives. While I'll not launch into a statistical tirade into how many social schemes this money could have funded, I would like to know how this discovery is going to enrich our future generations.
Many supporters of the Higgs Boson experiment claim how the research that went into this discovery has given us the Internet, better computers and bigger advances into medical science. While I won't deny that any of this is bad for our world, I think the internet would have happened nonetheless, humans have always excelled in building better tools and some of our biggest medical discoveries were made by humans without a computer.

What astonishes me is, for a world that refuses to believe in Biblical beginnings of the universe, we are hell bent on proving otherwise.
Shouldn't we just leave creation to the Creator and begin to solve the mess that we have created?

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