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Monday, December 24, 2012

Of Bophas' and Evans' [359/365]

We control the fate of millions of people but isn't it strange that we are sitting ducks when there is a storm or an earthquake?

Whats even more surprising is how we barely feel the effects of a disaster just a few thousand miles away. I remember how a natural disaster a few decades ago would elicit almost instantaneous outpourings of aid, relief and sympathy. But when typhoon Bopha and Evans hit our eastern cousins, it didn't find place on our front pages. Cliched as it may sound, the world has become a lot more distant and complicated.

Distracted by our paralytic governments, we forget that millions are reeling with the effects of our actions. While it is now fashionable to throw the term 'Global warming', I hardly think it is funny anymore. It isn't something that may happen to someone else in the distant future. It is something that is happening right now. You may not be in a place that is being ravaged by storms or droughts, but you are still contributing to it. Chances are if you are reading this, your city/town has very good policies set in place to recycle (Bangaloreans can ignore this term), control pollution and save the planet.

But is the planet really being saved? Do you really think you are not going to experience a storm, drought, heat/cold wave, an earthquake, flood or a fire?
All you are really doing is just saving your arse. Temporarily.

Just as we need to save ourselves from tyrants and criminals, we need to save our planet too. We can't afford to let the wealthier nations determine our policies anymore.
Who's listening?

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