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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Norman Stormin Out [361/365]

A decade and a half ago, he knocked the wind out of the Mother of all Battles. Today, he died out of pneumonia-related complications at age 78.

Retired General Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr., was the commander of the combined coalition forces during the First Gulf War, 1991.

Having served his country with a distinguished military career, he is clearly one of those men who were lucky enough to die of nothing but old age.

He will be best remembered for orchestrating one of the most one-sided victory in modern warfare with a blitzkrieg that left the Iraqi shocked and awed. They probably never knew what hit them and Kuwaitis have Norman to thank for it.

For the Americans, the success of this war soothed a frayed nation that was reeling after an embarrassing string of defeats in Vietnam and Korea and catapulted the Bush family into the limelight.

As the commander of the first heavily-publicized war, Stormin` Norman controlled how the rest of the world saw and experienced the defeat of one of the largest armies at the time.

I wonder if he ever thought about how he didn't finish the job he was supposed to. Saddam Hussein and his republican guards were left decimated and wounded yet alive. Apparently White House rushed to end the way 100 hours after it started only because they weren't keen on removing the dictator.

It doesn't take a genius to understand how leaving a dictator in an oil-rich emirate would benefit a nation with an insatiable thirst for oil. Norman was just the convenient pawn in their hands.

Rest In Peace, Norman!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


I've been hunting for this video for ages now!!

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