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Friday, March 01, 2013

The Cry Baby

Humans are a funny species.
As young ones, we cry for everything. Laugh for some. We want milk, we cry. We want attention, we cry. Theory is the kids cry because they are not able to talk or express their thoughts/feelings in words.
As we grow up, besides the importance of lacrimation, we also learn the fine art of lying through our teeth. While many of us will eventually know what battles we should fight and what we must let go, there are the incorrigible few who simply can't be reformed.
They are the meaningless people who will throw a tantrum, who can't take a feedback, and won't tolerate criticism. Some people might call them irreparably arrogant and I would agree.

Today's post is about one such person who will probably go down in the history, as the single most megalomaniac entrepreneur/con artist ever.
No, it's not Raja. It's Arindam Chaudhuri.
Wikipedia calls him an 'economist, author and director of IIPM Think Tank'. Recipient of 3 national film awards and self-professed 'management guru'.
I'd call him an overgrown cry baby.
IIPM - his daddy's convoluted idea to milk the ingrained urge of an Indian to earn a degree, get a free laptop and maybe even meet Shah Rukh Khan. IIPM's tagline reminds me of sleazy below-the-belt sales pitches of many second-hand car dealerships in the US.

So while Arindam and his cronies have been busy battling cases of cheating and misrepresentation, one smart chap decided to go a step ahead and have every website that spoke critical of Arindam (read IIPM) blocked. Masterstroke or 'Missed the bus', you decide.
That the court decided to agree with the genius baffled India's millions.
The damage was done. Most major newspapers barely gave this blatant attack on free speech any space. I wouldn't blame them. They need Arindam's full-page advt revenues after all.

So the DOT very magnanimously blocked about 78 links, including several of its own links that said how IIPM is not an university. Gee!
Hackers Of India, UNITE! And what followed was a particularly embarrassing lesson of how not to mess with hot-blooded Indians with plenty of computer skills.
And like a phoenix, the much of the content within websites that were blocked were back online. I don't think they realized that we could re-host the content. Hmm!

Today, a superior court over-ruled the lower court's ruling and while the bench did agree that blocking content (critical and otherwise) is against constitutional rights of free speech, most of the web links that were blocked still remain off-limits.

So while IIPM did earn the wrath of free speech activists, the fact that one of our country's court did manage to block dozens of sites with the impunity it did is shocking. Is this a sign of how things will be?
Will this embolden our entrepreneurs to shut mouths of their competitors in the future?
Are we headed the Chinese way?

More importantly, will the court block my blog for talking about Madamji the way I did?

Wednesday, January 04, 2012


I love subtitles.
Especially those in sitcoms and shows where there is a lot of profanity. 

Now, while we can pretend to not know the words that rhymes with duck, hitch, and clut, is it fair that the subtitles substitute words like 'butt', 'foreplay' and 'orgasm' with '****'?
C'mon guys, who among you have never used or heard the F word? Amish maybe. But then, I am pretty sure you wouldn't need a television either.

While I can see how we need constant supervision when it comes to sex and stuff, but is it really helping? 

While I understand how children growing up need to be protected from profanity, how can an aging committee of Censors, disconnected from the times with a jaundiced view of what is right and what is wrong decide for the rest of the billion plus what we need to watch, read and hear.

Ofcourse, being the censor for a billion plus can be a pretty daunting task. But when you are working with a clear vision, it shouldn't be too hard to be impartial and current at the same time.

Shouldn't be tough since the rest of the modern world have been doing it.
But is it too much to ask for the right subtitles? It's not like we haven't heard the word or used the slang already.

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