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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Arise, Arise! Your time has come [278/365]

Arise,shine,for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. 
-Isaiah 60 : 1

The light here refers to God himself when He comes on us. Daniel, Hezikiel and Saul were all sinners. But when they encountered God their lips were purged with fire and they refused to speak evil once again.
So very often we speak ill of people. But when God enters your life,your thoughts will be controlled. Your lips will act like a dam whose gates are closed for the evil things that you may want to say about others in general. In short, you will weigh your words when you have to speak.

When God shines His Light on you, you will no longer speak ordinary things. But you will prophesy.

The pastor also gave another instance of Satan and his followers. One night he dreamt of Satan with a big sword trying to cut off people's heads. This pastor also was in the long queue and very very worried. He saw that Satan was mercilessly chopping off heads and this pastor wanted to escape. But there was no escape. When his chance came to behead him, Satan only smiled and said...Babai (friend) you will live.
So why did he address him as Babai...because he considered him as his friend. If you are his friend then you will live to do his things.

Now what exactly is the Light that we see in Isaiah 60:1...
1)  The Light that will bring us out of darkness. Darkness here refers to the ignorance people have in themselves. And also sin. At times good people are ignorant of so many things. They do lack the intelligence to distinguish right from wrong. In other words, the Light will help you in make the right decision making. Your conscience will be your guide. Your material benefits won't matter anymore, but the Word of God would.

2) Arise:  People have to wake up from their ignorance ...
Shine: When you Arise, the Glory of God (Mahima) which is the Light will Shine on you.

The pastor gave another instance in the second episode.
When it is Sunday do not wish to be disturbed. You have slogged for 6 days and you think ..yes,this is my day of rest.
NO! Fathers and mothers speak loudly to your children..Arise and Shine. Today is the day that belongs to the Lord. 

3) When the Light which is the Word of God shines on you..4 things take place.
a)  You gain Wisdom. ( Wisdom to do the right things and differentiate right from the wrong)
b) Way....God will direct your paths. (Through a conscience)

c)  Direction ( Yes /Wrong)
d) Heaven ( Which will ultimately lead you to it)....Where God and you will live for eternity.

Now when you have all heard this sermon. How well have you received it ? Your heart is compared to the land that the seed has fallen in.
Is it 30 % fertile, 60 % fertile or 100 % fertile?

Some people listen and allow the Word to fall in them..They speak in tongues...they are super excited but for a short time.
Another 60 % of fertility...maybe for a longer time..If they listen to the Word on Sunday,they would probably follow it until Thursday.

If it is winter people tend to become lazy. Why Arise and Shine ? I may as well get some sleep ..If it is raining....I may as well work in a store for some extra money. I will be paid 2 times or 3 times on a Sunday.

If you cannot sit for an hour on Sundays in Church because you get bored, what makes you think it will be interesting with the God of all eternity spending time for ever and ever ?
But if you obey the word of God, the Light will shine on you. When the Light shines on you, you will be a beacon unto others because you saw that Light first. And it was you who responded to the Light first. 

Excerpts from Rev Rangaraju's sermon on TV. 
This post has been made possible only because of the transcription of a dear friend-in-Christ and church member, Mrs Anu Sampath.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Ship well built [6/365]

The one word that most people hate.
The one word that can mean refusal, denial and nonacceptance. 

While being denied or refused something that you really want or cherish by someone you love is tough, there will have been plenty of times when God says 'No' to something you ask for.

What is the first thought that goes through your mind when you are pushed into the unknown?
What if God asked you to let go of your family, your parents, your career, everything for that one thing you have been asking for.

The 'What if's of this life haunts us. So does the 'dark unknown'.
Yet as if on cue, God gives us the tools and the knowledge that we need to be able to come out brighter and stronger than we were going in.  
A ship in a harbor is safe, but this is not what a ship is built for.

In the plenty of times when prayers have gone unanswered, I've recalled the story of how Abraham was asked to sacrifice his only begotten son. Try to imagine the grief he would have gone through. Ofcourse, he could've questioned God's request and logic but as a man of faith, he never gave this another thought. While we all know how this ended, we do see how he exhibits emotions that we can identify with.

Peppered throughout the Bible, we see instances of how people are pushed into the unknown.
10 days into the new year, I've heard friends complain how things have not gone their way and then a few others who celebrate the small victories in their every day lives.
But regardless of how anything will happen, we are in His safe arms. 
That is when we surrender ourselves to Him.

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