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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Great Ch*nky Exodus [228/365]

Today is the Indian Independence day. 66 years ago, we convinced the British to leave us. What's remarkable is that we never threw them out, they left because they simply could not divide our unity and single-minded determination to be one nation. 
Albeit the partition, this was Gandhi's finest moment.

He fought against division based on race, caste, creed and color. And he won our battle only because we had enough of the crap and wanted freedom too.
Today, Gandhi must be turning in his grave. The south Indian State of Karnataka is seeing an exodus of people fleeing a city they've come to accept as their own.
After weeks of unconfirmed reports of harassment and veiled threats against them, nearly two million of the population from the north-east are fleeing. Trains and flights are packed as they are in a hurry to get out.

Clearly this is a rumor. And whoever is behind this is probably chuckling away even as we speak. But this is one joke that's gone so bad, it's not funny anymore. I can imagine the fear they must be going through. All this even as the State and the Central government stands helpless. I hear Manmohan and chief ministers' from the NE have speed dialed our chief. And I hope we get to the bottom of this and fast. We would all like to see the sick bastard who gave birth to this rumor publicly hung.

I am a Keralite. And a proud one too. I know a lot of Keralites who won't take a threat like this against us lying down the way the folks from the NE have taken. You threaten us to get out and we'll down shutters of every eatery and supermarket so fast your head will spin.
The chinks are easy targets. Dispensable. They are the sore thumb that stand out. In my previous post about the beautiful people from the NE, I mentioned how wonderfully nice they are. They might have a fantastic sense of clothing but are incredibly docile once outside their hometowns. What they need is not a legislation to punish the use of the word 'chinky' but equal opportunities and the freedom to be themselves and feel good in their skin. Of all the minorities in the melting pot called India, the folks from the NE are the most nicest.

But this is precisely what is wrong with our society as well. I hear our cops have promised to increase patrol in areas inhabited with the chinks. I also hear that all the outbound trains are being given adequate protection until the Karnataka border.
But why do I feel this is barely enough? Why are our minorities and women not protected always? After the infamous 'home-stay' raid in southern city of Mangalore, civil unrest in Assam, molestation in Guwahati and rapes everywhere else, India is beginning to look like a country that is taking three steps behind for every step forward.

When we harp about how Indians are discriminated abroad, we have such shining examples of racism in India. 
On India's 66th Independence day, isn't India for every Indian?

Saturday, May 05, 2012

The Chinky Indian [125/365]

Two deaths, in the Northeastern student community, in as many weeks in Bangalore has sent shock-waves throughout the country. While this is purely coincidental, what is shocking is police apathy and official insensitivity. There hasn't been any arrests made in one of the cases. (Read about the latest death here)

When fellow blogger Nabanita Dhar pointed out how the rest of India treats folks from the North East, it was a bold and refreshing insight into how we practice racial discrimination right in our backyards.
In an instance of how the pot calls the kettle black, we move earth and missions when the Americans detain an actor or when the Australians deport a doctor.

My ex was from a tiny town within Shillong. Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya, is a incredibly beautiful state, unfortunately being plundered by the ruthless coal mafia. It's hard to miss the sight of entire hill-sides that have been carved for wood and charcoal. Nonetheless, I've found the women there to be one of the most beautiful and elegantly dressed. Infamous for their skimpy clothes anywhere else in India, I never found a single lady who was not nicely draped. We are culturally similar. Their hospitality and spirit is as infectious as any other Indian. Many families love the prime soap operas. Family ties are important and the locals are deeply devout. They battle the same evils of society that we do and are as vocal as we are. They are as fascinated by the South Indians' as the rest of India is.
But this is where the similarities end.
Many of them aspire to marry rich and move away from their towns and villages. Many of the towns don't have anything for educated youth who don't want to start a business of their own. Terrorism is another reason why youngsters don't want to live there. I was myself caught in the midst of a terrible car bomb when I was visiting Assam many years ago. The curfew and the instability is stiffing. Their youngsters speak better English than most people from the 'mainland'. Their families contribute (and suffer) the most giving their lives to the security of the borders than most other Indians.

But that said, do they really deserve to be discriminated against?
Surely, they dress differently, speak with an accent and bond differently. Ofcourse, they are carefree and take life one day at a time but they are incredibly friendly too.
Personally, I love their innate sense of fashion. I simply love their gorgeous straightened hair and I believe some of the most beautiful women I've seen are from the Northeast. So why do we hate them?

Our Xenophobic minds don't want people who look like the Chinese among us. The Chinky is just a dispensable part of our country's population. They are India's equivalent of the Negros of America, the Stans of Britian and the Indians of Australia. We hate them. No particular reason. They may be successful and contributing to our economy, society and all that, but they cannot be a part of us. Unfortunately, they are in a country where they will never be accepted for the truly wonderful people that they are. Not now, not ever.

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