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Saturday, September 21, 2013

While you were gone: September 2013 [Part 2 of 3]

Sorry folks, no hyperlinks this time..

Better sense prevailed.

Obama spared all of us another war. Syria will spend $1 billion to dismantle its chemical weapons.
The courts punished the most famous rapists in the only way it knew - Death.
Rangarajan cut GDP forecasts.
Srini punished Sree in the swiftest way known to cricket - Life ban.

Our government cheated on 1024 promises it made. Nothing official about it, eh?
Modi: First denounced his desire to become the next prime minister, was later crowned the party's prime ministerial candidate. Advani gave in to popular demand (read Modi).
Former Olympian Rajyavardhan Rathore joined politics.
A 16 year old was abducted and gang-raped by cops in J&K and a 14 year old rape victim killed herself.

Well, I never said it was all good news.

If I've learned anything from all the wars we have ever fought, then it is how leaders of our nations have acted with unilateral hate. Sometimes, as self elected representatives of civilized countries that call themselves developed, they assume an air of pseudo importance and consider it their mortal purpose to save us from imagined sins. But in doing so, they only expose their own lack of morality.
I don't think the ordinary American worries about Assad crossing the red line of gassing his own constituents. The only line the West are crossing are the thin line of double standards in humanitarian intervention.
Ordinary Americans have far graver tragedies to deal with. They live a life of incredible unpredictability. They aren't sure if they will have a job tomorrow, will end up as unwitting victims of some raged gunman, or if they can hold on to their homes.
Indian-Americans will continue to fight racism. What surprises me is not how Nina Davuluri beat the competition, but how 'patriotic' Americans sit in their moral high horse and show the world how stupid they really are. So @Granvil_Colt, @jakeamick5, @jayres15, @NateBerard, @sarawhitton, @SHANN__Wow, @Blayne_MkltRain and the thousand others who couldn't believe a land of a billion plus could possibly produce another beauty queen fit to rule the world- Go f**k yourselves. Haven't you heard about the Muslimah World pageant?

Modi promised to put Pakistan in its place, if he is elected to power. I don't know how to react to this. This has doomsday written all over it.

Marissa Meyers fears being imprisoned if her company does not hand over their user's details, anytime it is 'requested'. As the head of a major search engine, this cannot be good news, can it?
For all you staunch Lance Armstrong fans, stay away from 'The Armstrong Lie', a documentary that promises to shred any tiny bit of the aura he's retained.

Voyager 1, the interplanetary probe has left the solar system.
We have been pretty busy too. Launching an ICBM and planning an unmanned probe to Mars. Why? Are we done screwing up earth already?

Paes and Radek brought (respective) home another Grand Slam championship. Three Cheers!
Closer home, communal violence ripped apart whatever semblance of secularism we portrayed.

Ranbaxy got banned, because they found human hair. Relax, we've found worse things in our food. Besides, all this just helps build immunity.

After fighting for what seemed like a millennium, Dell is going private. Finally!

That's all the time we have for the news, folks.
Go out and enjoy the world, while it's still bright and sunny.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Remembering to Forget [342/365]

Twenty years ago, much of India erupted in communal violence over land and religion.
Ayodhya - The name brings memories of violence, hatred and death. Sillyness too.

In the unspoiled eyes of the West, fighting over a piece of land seemed ridiculous, even unheard of. But when Hindu fanatics began demolishing Babri Masjid, it torn up India's excuse for secularism.
Growing up abroad, I still remember how Indians settled outside India were afraid and embarrassed at the way their countrymen were behaving.
To them religion is a convenient excuse to rouse spirits when nothing else worked.

Thousands have died since and the people of Ayodhya have since moved on. The Hindu fanatics and their leaders have faded into oblivion.
The story repeats itself at many towns and cities in India. 

Does it really matter which religious structure is there? The thousands of mosques that coexists with temples around the country will prove that our country is big enough for all of us to live in peace and relative harmony, bar the occasional clanging of the chimes and the call for prayer five times a day.

In the years since Babri Masjid was demolished, fanatic Muslims and hot-blooded Hindus have tried to rub salt into each other. The incident is a case study at how politicians can still manipulate a post British-era India.
Dec 6th will be a Black day for many Muslims but for the residents at Ayodhya, it's a day they would all rather forget.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The innocence of None [255/365]

Religion in movie can be a tricky preposition. I remember how the Mel Gibson movie 'Passion of the Christ' got the churches talking. For those who saw the movie, it was clear Mel tried really hard to portray Christ and Jews as 'non-controversially' as possible. That in itself was a huge triumph.

Movies must depict the truth. It must move the viewer into thinking. Movies must be a medium to transmit the emotions of its characters more than its makers. The debate could go on.

Last week, provocative trailers of Innocence of Muslims, an Anti-Islam movie that was shot with American actors, has flung shit into the fan. Made by an Egyptian-born Coptic Christian Nakoula Basseley Nakoula and promoted by Qur'an-burning US Preacher Terry Jones, the movie showed the Prophet Muhammad as a womanizer, homosexual and child abuser. The trailers of the movie uploaded on video-sharing site YouTube were 'designed to enrage' and 'anti-Muslim'. The actors and crew behind this movie has since told the press how they were misled about the intent and purpose of this movie when it was made a year ago.

Why would anyone make such a movie and release a provocative trailer online? Tough question to answer.
But the violence that this movie has caused is unspeakable. The losses unthinkable. Several people unrelated to the makers of this movie have since died as a result of this movie.
Where the f*ck is Nakoula Basseley Nakoula? Is he ever going to be held responsible for this atrocity?

By creating a movie like this, Nakoula has erred. But we can't deny the invaluable PR- millions of dollars worth of advertisement- that he got for free. He has got people googling for him and his movie. I can't imagine any other movie in recent memory which has got the kind of publicity the way 'Innocence of Muslims' have. His actions and this movie will be banned and in any country that has a sizable number of Muslims. He would probably be investigated and indicted for creating worldwide protests. But this is only going to make it really tough for genuine Indie film-makers in the future. Hollywood has taken a rap on the wrist, but America has lost much of the goodwill that Obama and Ms Clinton has struggled to create. Six American ambassadors have died and if the radicals have their way, this count could go up. Scores of civilians have died the bloodshed does not look like its going to dry up.

Now, I am no lover of radical Islamism but I agree they had a right to protest but by targeting the Americans, Israelites and Germans (!) aren't they, I dont know, vindicating the violence shown in the movie? None of the victims deserved to be killed for a movie they had nothing to do with.
By killing the innocent they have made naught any of the benefits of the Arab Spring uprising. While not all Muslims are violent, the spate of violence has proved that it only takes a dozen imams and a hundred radicals to undo the good of a million Muslims. If any consolation, had a Bollywood director made this movie, our primitive censor board would have stopped this right in its tracks.

Ironically, YouTube has still not taken the videos down and you should be able to see clones of the original upload online. Some of them High Definition. Countries where violence has broken have been grappling to contain and reassure their Islamic population.
While I know this will pass in a few weeks, I wonder how many Muslims really think what is portrayed in the movie is indicative of what they and their religion really is. Today's Muslims have much bigger issues to worry about than a movie made by one cowardly lunatic.

Whatever Sam and his Qur'an-burning compatriot wants to accomplish, I doubt if they will ever find forgiveness for the violence and hatred they have promoted. I surely wouldn't want to be in Sam Bacile's shoes today or any day soon.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Ghosts of rapes past [244/365]

Our founding fathers wanted India to be a secular republic that would love its minorities as much as it loves its Hindu majority. While no one will deny that the partition was a wrong start, the delicate truce between the Hindus and the Muslims have stood strong. Historically though, we haven't done too well on the communal harmony scale.

Two decades ago, Bombay witnessed communal carnage which should have never happened. We thought we learned our lessons. Ten years ago, Gujarat witnessed the century's worst community rioting.
Yesterday, many of the ghosts of that memory was laid to rest. With the Special court in Ahmedabad sentencing 32 of the accused, this could set an healthy precedent for future perpetrators.

While the guilty serve their massive sentences, I am alarmed at several things.
One- The extraordinary amount of time it took the Supreme Court to convict. Many of the accused were acquitted because of the really long time it took to investigate
Two- One of the main accused is a former minister and current legislative member of the ruling party in the state. The fact that she is the first woman to be convicted of a crime this heinous is terrible news.
Three- The chief minister of the state washing his hands off the carnage. He simply refuses to apologize.

While the nation watched much of the carnage live and in stereoscope, I wonder how Modi could absolve himself of the worst human rights violation in modern India.

Is anyone else worried that he could be our next Prime Minister?

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