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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Will Work for Food

Perhaps the few times in a man's life that he humbles himself and when all else seems less important:
Its when he’s desperately waiting for an interview.

India has the largest educated unemployed. Yes, its true.
Any consultancy or recruitment agency worth its salt would have young hopefuls just waiting  for those magical 2 words. You're hired!

Who said BPO's are running out of people? Who's ashamed of working in a Call center?
Not the 1000's of young literate boys and girls who stand, sit and pace for many hours waiting for an interview.

They would come early and many would spend almost the whole day but only a few will get lucky.

Of the many things in life, applying for that job, waiting for your interview and then waiting for the verdict is one of two or three times in a man's life when he turns into the gentlest of gentle creatures. Soft voices, gentle and the most discreet. All sins are forgiven and all indiscretions pardoned. Egos deflated, you can almost walk over the pride of a man and he will never even wince. Nearly everyone around you seem to be more anxious than you. Everyone tries to avoid each other's glances, they all seem to have lost their collective Appetite.
The prettiest young thing does not even get a third glance from the men.

I imagine how many will keep their jobs down for the rest of their active life, but who cares. Candidates will profess their undying love and loyalty to working hard for their future employers.

The recruiters invariably feel like gods, fully aware that their every nod and gesture is being interpreted and scrutinized by eager Candidates.
Many of the men seem to have woken up, and hurried to come. Deodorants are given an obvious miss. The razor too.
I don’t know about the others, but many seem oblivious to good dressing sense. Jeans coupled with formal shoes, formal trousers mated with the ubiquitous white, dirt stained sneakers and nearly all of them carrying a college bag that seems ridiculously heavy (what are they carrying?). And don’t even get me started on the communication skills. I wonder how any of them will ever be able to stand a sentence with a Westerner. Tooth brushes were obviously given a miss too.
The nervous fidgeting, the flitting glances, tapping, the bored yawns, the swinging of the feet, cracking of the knuckles and the more confident ones among them will be trying to demystify their phones, watches or whatever gadget they have with them.
Nearly all of them look as if they have just been given the death penalty.

There seems to be no end to the deluge and while we grownups are haggling with petty laws and debating on the right to education, I would like to ask just one question.

Where is the quality of education and our graduates right now?

We sure are book smart but street smart? No. I have seen candidates come in slippers for an interview.

I suddenly feel old (and a little bit wiser) when i think about how teachers in my day and age gave a lot of importance to proper etiquette.

Something’s amiss here. Perhaps i am old fashioned and this might be the age of the metrosexual male but i think manners still make a man.

But… oh who’s listening.

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