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Friday, February 24, 2012

NCTC [54/365]

We love acronyms!
We love to shorten the names of our movies, our government agencies and myriad departments and mundane programmes.
Why we even 'acronym'ize our college faculties. I've had HVD, who taught me Statistics; DYR who taught me English poetry and DNV, who taught me Maths. Come to think of it, I've never really found out the 'real' names behind the acronyms.
So while the real world has agencies like NREGA and programmes like JnNURM and such tongue twisting terms, every so often if you are fortunate you'll hear of a new acronym.
The Dope
Congratulations! Today is your lucky day. In today's lesson, you'll hear of NCTC (aka National Counter Terrorism Center). While developed and supposedly secure nations like the US already have the NCTC in place, India hit a road-block called Democracy. (Read about the exciting new blunder here)

Okay, now what is the NCTC?
Put simply and in the words of it's creator Home Minister P Chidambaram: "As the name suggests, the goal is to counter terrorism. Obviously, this will include preventing a terrorist attack, containing a terrorist attack should one take place, and responding to a terrorist attack by inflicting pain upon the perpetrators."

So why is this bad for us?
While I am for greater security and a nation where we won't have to worry about getting killed by terrorists, I think having a committee like this is infringing on our freedom and privacy as a citizen and inhabitant, I believe we need to start customizing our security plans so that we win a consensus while still being effective in deterring any more attacks. While many of our States have rightly opposed the Bill, some politicians are simply stonewalling any attempt at progress.
Leaders like Mamata B appear to be rather starched against any Bill that the Center would like to bring in.

Our leaders pretend to be governing for our benefit, protecting us and shielding us from the unfortunate controversy that the beleaguered Home Minister has served. But this is not surprising considering how the national government has made all it's decisions in secrecy and with an innate sense of arrogance. But given the clout that many regional parties and the media hold, it is highly unlikely that the government or any of it's puppet masters will get away with laws that suit themselves more than anyone else.

All said, the NCTC may be the last Bill that a weakened party which is barely holding on to its dynasty reins will like to have during its last few months in power.

Recommmended Read: WikiLeaks!

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