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Monday, January 30, 2012

Compassion beyond Passion [29/365]


Sometimes, its hard to ignore the plight of animals around you.
At those times acting with compassion could be the easiest thing to do.
My cousin's daughters love visiting the farm. They love petting the goats and playing with the ponies.
They are in the USA- The land of beef. Most Indians (read 'Hindus') wont forgive them for killing our gods and ancestors for their culinary pleasure.

Back home, we revere the cows. So much that we let them roam the unsafe Indian streets freely, eat our garbage and wallow in their filth. A western tourist in India was once told that the safest way to travel on Indian roads would be to ride on a cow. You won't be killed or run over and you'll always get the right of turn (to walk, stand or sit) on the road.
We also respect dogs. They are man's best friend but not one of your dead ancestor/relative. Hence they are also man's best hyenas. They will eat your leftover meat and other non vegetarian stuff plus the random vegetarian goo too. They will love you nonetheless. 
Cats are the woman's best friends. Nuff said.

But one visit to an animal shelter will give you a complete different picture of what the reality is.
Overcrowded, these shelters are under-funded and under-staffed.
Visiting CUPA (On the Web) I saw boxers, rottweilers, dobermans, Alsatians, dalmatians, plenty of Pomeranian, a gazillion strays besides kittens, bulls, cows, horses and wild kites. Nearly all the dogs were either severely handicapped or injured. A few of the lucky ones (no pun intended) were living out their prime old years in peace amongst its kind. I saw dogs that would have once been the pride of it's owner, now living a life that could break a human.
Most of the exotic breeds had an handicap that was caused due to their owner's neglect. Now, useless limping and half blind, while the dogs end up in CUPA, their owners would have replaced them with newer dogs.

Whats heart breaking is in the one hour that I spend at CUPA, I saw at least two owners come to 'leave' their home-bred dogs. Forever. Reason: 'The dogs have become old and we don't have the time'. Surely.

Judging by how distraught, disillusioned and derailed old parents get when their children 'leave' them at an Old Age Home, I begin to wonder if our pets go through the same. Fortunately they are in a much better place now.
I wonder if any of the abandoned pets will ever stop loving their (former) owners.

India is said to be a peace loving nation of animal lovers. 
There's certainly a slip between the cup the lip here.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Destined to die!

4000 million years ago, the most primitive form of life arrived on Earth.
15 million years ago, Hominidaes, the primitive Great Apes evolved.
and 200,000 years ago, the Humans evolved.

But we are possibly the only species that is perhaps the most cruel, despotic and self destructive.
We are the only species that refuses to share our planet with creatures that we depend on.

Dogs are supposed to be man's best friend, but would you choose to be a friend with a person who would shove and kick your children?
What would you do if you saw a man kick and use a barge pole to evict 12 puppies?

Well, hearing the loud cries of the pups, whose only sin was that they sought out the shelter at an apartment, I rushed to my balcony only to see a man, (possibly the caretaker of the apartment) use a long barge to extricate puppies, one after the after, from a shaded spot outside the building and throw them off the ledge 5 steps down.
Many of the pups landed on their heads and backs. Well, I'm no animal expert but landing 5 steps down on the head is not good. Not even for 2 week old puppies.
He proceeded to gather all the pups by shoving them and poking them with the barge pole. All this while the pups are crying so loud there were neighbors peeping out to see what the commotion was all about.
A tenant pauses to watch the eviction in progress and walks out side-stepping the helpless pups.
The man obviously not convinced by just leaving the pups outside the gate, now goes to pick each of the pups by its tail (Yes, you read it right), lifting it by its tail and throw it into the newly laid concrete stormwater drain. I guess out of sight does mean out of mind. The pups continued to cry until the mother (who was standing at a distance, fearing a similar fate) could frisk her pups to safety.

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