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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Civil Servants or Epic Rulers?

In what seems like an anti climax of a sordid cycle of greed and power, our dishonored Premier along with his puppet mistress is going to shuffle the cabinet.
This after the government looses its second minister to irrefutable proof of nepotism and unbridled corruption.

Expected but isn't this a tad too late?
What were they doing all this while?

What surprises the heck out of me is that the political party who's ministers were caught, with their hands knee deep in the cookie jar, still has the nerve to ask (or even think)
that they need a representation in the team.
Are you kidding me?
Do you really want us to believe that you are innocent of all the billions that you've squandered?
Who writes this stuff anyway?

I had to pay a bribe of 200 bucks to file an FIR for my own driving license! The inspector was kind, almost warm to the point of offering me coffee. But when the time came to hand over my acknowledgement of the FIR, he held his hand out for money, with a sudden smile on his face. A smile that could wipe away all your tears. I had to give him 100. He looked at me and pat came his request for a encore. I started to protest but as I did, memories of how my police verification for my passport didn't go through because I refused to bribe, flashed. I relented. I came away poorer by 200 and the cop? Well, its business as usual. He had two other complainants to attend to. Ka ching!

All this even at a time when India is going through unprecedented levels of civil unrest against corruption.
We need to adapt an attitude of zero tolerance towards all kinds of corruption. There's no two way about it.

When my parents were working with the Ministry of Health, Kuwait, they always referred themselves as 'Civil Servants'.
We never thought of the term as demeaning or lacking any of the dignity that it is supposed to possess. Even the ministers there, albeit wealthy beyond belief, always respected and obeyed their constituents.

The world's largest democracy on the other hand is caught in between a shameful yet relentless cycle of greed, nepotism and bureaucracy.
Well, its not just politics anymore. Nepotism and undue favoritism has seeped into corporate world.

The accomplice to the crime of corruption is frequently our own indifference.
Our complacence with the status quo makes sure corruption is what sweetens the pot for any honest minister who keys to the vault.
We can go from one cabinet shuffle to another until the next general elections or we can just stop the rut here. Choose the right people.

Stumbled across a video that meant a lot!

When defenseless animals can unite against predators, why cant we humans fight against the most corrupt politicians alive?

We need a Leader with a spine. Are you listening, Mr PM?

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