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Saturday, August 18, 2012

A man with a plan [231/365]

Source: The Guardian
Truth: Nobody likes the truth.

We have hung, strung and exterminated every whistle-blower in history in our own inimitable way. The Powerful in a powerful way and the not the powerful, well, in a not so powerful way.

Case in point: Wiki-leaks owner and whistle-blower Julian Assange.
Hacker-Activist, all was fine until November 2010, when Wiki-leaks began to well, leak top secret American diplomatic cables. All hell broke loose.

In the months that followed, thousands of pages of confidential data was released to the public in an objective to reveal the truth and encourage open governance. Julian paid a heavy price for releasing the truth. His website was denied funding and support by major American and European corporations. However, this also triggered an outpouring of support from across the world.
Allegations of rape and sexual assault followed and Britain was in a hurry to extradite Assange to Sweden while the US contemplated on the many ways it can lay it's hands on him.

As a man whose time was running out, Ecuador today granted political asylum to Assange.
Holed up at the Ecuador consulate for over two months, he now faces another dilemma. While he cannot be busted while he is still within the consulate, he can be arrested the moment he steps out of the doors. Technically, he is under house arrest, but knowing how wonderfully resourceful he has been, I am sure he will pull a trick.

So what keeps the CIA or the notoriously successful Mossad from finishing Assange off? As simple as it sounds, killing him will mean the beginning of the end. Believed to have a 'dead-man's switch', killing Assange will mean the world will see all of the millions of top-secret diplomatic and financial documents in an instant.
Keep him alive and they will live another day.

Is anybody else surprised how countries that promise freedom of speech are the first to stifle?

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