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Thursday, February 28, 2013

While I was gone... [February 2013]

So it appears that childhood is indeed the best time of your life, if you are an Indian man, that is. You can rape, confine, pillage and plumb a rod up her vagina or down her throat and no one can throw the book at you. Ahh! that golden age of juvenile innocence so beautifully protected by the high-priests of our noble country. Why would any boy want to hurry through childhood anymore?
While there were lone screams to lower the juvenile age, by the time I'm writing this post, those voices were nothing more than a whimper.
The 'Delhi gang-rape' mega-serial started and the five bastards pleaded 'not guilty'. In the words of Judge Dread 'I knew you'd say that'.
Jyothi's male friend, who was attacked himself, testified against the 6 bastards.
If you ask me, I think 'Delhi gang rape' must be included in the next edition of the Oxford Dictionary for 'Any incident that creates an illusion of change and revolution but does absolutely nothing'.

But I wouldn't blame them for the sudden swing. We had our American Born Confused Desi, Ms Sunny Leone, the object of every Indian male's pride and titillation, tweet that rape was not a crime but just surprise sex. I am quite sure every person who read this tweet would have had images of Sunny buck naked, with her legs spread wide open, getting drilled in places I cannot mention here, while moaning 'Oh yeeeeah... c'mon... give it to me.... ahhh...yesssssss'. Too late to deny this, so wipe that drool off the corner of your mouth.

Waiting for some 'surprise sex'
Sunny didn't realize how we hung onto her (tweets) and deleted the statement but the damage was already done. Her former tweet was picked up and millions of people who had nothing else to write, re-tweeted it. She went about accusing and threatening everyone who accused her of having said this. Big mistake, sweet-cheeks. The rest as they say is history.
I can't imagine how any woman can say this. But then I can also imagine how happy Sunny will really be if she gets raped. That would be her darkest fantasies cumming true, so yes, when we see the statement from her perspective, we shouldn't really trouble her too much. What we must do is welcome her with open arms (and nothing else, mind you) and let her live a normal life in Delhi. Chances are, she will live a full-filled life then and we can continue to enjoy her movies.

In other rapes around the country that made us more blink, a 40 year old man raped his neighbor. Now, what's stopping the law from hanging the middle aged bastard? Oh yeah, he is Didi's land.
And while we are at it, can someone please tell our rapists that they are not supposed to sentence their victims to death?

In happier times...

We showed everyone the speed at which we can crawl when the government got a report out in top speed. And that is about all the good news I have for you today. The report didn't criminalize marital rapes. So that just about saved the asses of about 60% of the husbands who rape and otherwise brutalize their wives. Keeping with our traditions, we all got our multilingual, multicolored placards out and the opposition (well, they are supposed to oppose, aren't they?) opposed. The government defended the ordnance quote-unquote 'there was an urgent need for this law'. Really?! You just realized that now?? 

Our cities are so unsafe that not even Chinese women, who are otherwise used to the perverts in China, are unsafe. China gave a diplomatic tight slap when it demanded India ensure safety of their women. Can it get any worse? 
Let's hope this ordnance brings relief to former victims too. And there was some glimmer of hope  and an online campaign. Ironically, we don't seem to be the only country grappling with heinous crimes against women. South Africans mourned the deaths of a 17 year old girl who suffered at the hands of the same brand of bastards and the murder of Oscar 'the blade runner' Pistorius's girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp

We all forgot about the sinking economy, which the BJP was very kind enough to remind. Gee! Thank you, Mr BJP!
And suddenly everyone has started warming up to the PM-in-waiting. What a suck-up! But the Congress didn't really like it. Grow up, guys!

Talking about urgent need of laws, where was the long arm of the law when Muslim men threatened to rape the girls of 'Pragaash' if they don't stop singing? What the Eff is the problem with us? We profess the need to protect our women and we keep our fingers on our lips when they are threatened by a bunch of effing bastards, who in my opinion should really be hunted down and killed.

As if Bad News Bobby wasn't giving us enough to worry about, a top nuclear scientist from our estranged twin declared their nukes were unsafe. While this could have been really bad news, both of us can be happy that Indians are not as trigger happy as the Americans. And I guess it is also because the Pakis will have to first decipher their Chinese manuals before they can launch them.
But when Zardari and son moved into a bullet proof home, it's time the mere mortals begin to worry.

Shilpa Shetty, former B grade Bollywood wannabe and current hmm.. well, its hard to tell what she is good at. But that didn't deter the young at heart oldie Suresh Kalmadi, from the CWG fame and a guy who's got selective short-term memory, from having his wish fulfilled. Naughty boy!

Kingfisher Airlines posted 'yet' another loss. Duh! Its not like they were the Apple of the skies anyway.
Iran launched its own version of the 5th generation fighter. Commendable!
They managed to create one inspite of the incredible odds (read The entire West) against them and we have been trying to work on one for the past 20 years. Surely, it would have been easier if we would've just greased the palms of a few Italians/Indians, huh? Caught with its hand in the cookie jar, and even as the government has promised to cancel all tainted deals, foreign leaders are queuing up to make a fast buck. From one scam to another, our government looks like a drunk swaying through the corridors of power.

Eygpt! Again. Gosh! 

Syria, from a country that as picturesque as it was, it has now turned into a battlefield. The light at the end of the tunnel is as distant as it was 2 years ago but no-ones the wiser.

O continued to press for tougher gun laws. Keep up the good work, Mr Prez! Don't let this die like your other reforms.

While O was trying to save lives, our Prez seems to have found a penchant to hang. Afzal Guru was finally hung and India broke into a sweat. Perhaps it could have been the manner in which he was hung or perhaps it was way for the Congress to earn a quick brownie point before they are rooted out of power next year.

Wrestling was thrown out of the Olympics  and India and the World erupted. So that's six less medals for India.

Russia got a glimpse of how the End will come, when God decided to throw a short pitch. Half the world gasped in awe and fear. Indian politicians and businessmen barely flinched. Only a meteor strike over Switzerland can make them sweat.

Hyderabad had it bad. Couple of questions:

  • Why must people die to make a statement?
  • What the eff is the government doing?
And IIPM showed how it is a sore looser. 
It had the government block about 100 sites, included a few of its own, that spoke the truth about the fraud that is IIPM. Hey Arindam! I think IIPM is the biggest sign of corporate fraud that can happen in India. I dare you to block my post. Thankfully, our hackers returned the favor and hacked his site too. Score!

That's All, Folks!
Good Night and God Bless!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kasab's last Kabab [326/365]

After four years of deliberations and a couple of millions bucks feeding him and curing him of his illnesses, Kasab was hanged in a Pune prison.
In this four years, he was paraded like a prized cattle er ... thief.
The crime was proven the moment he was caught, but our politicians didn't want to loose this wonderful opportunity to rub salt into Pakistan's wounds and prove that we are just at the same time. He was after all caught on candid camera gunning down innocent travelers with an AK47 much to the chagrin of his Pakistani handlers. In the minds of billions of patriotic Indians, he was already sentenced to death but we toyed with him. Gave him a glimmer of hope that we might free him on humanitarian grounds. Our tax rupees paid for his counsel, years of biriyani, kababs and world-class healthcare. We pleaded, cajoled, threatened Pakistan to hand over Kasab's masters.

Predictably, they didn't and we went ahead and hanged him. The fools amongst us celebrated.
While some human-loving peace nicks campaigned for clemency and raised 300-odd signatures (what's 300 in a country of a billion-plus), Kasab had his time run out and we lost our favorite Pakistani scapegoat to the hangman's noose early this morning.
We didn't have to do what we did. Kasab should have been parceled to the bottom of the Indian Ocean ala Osama but no. We had to parade him to feel vindicated.

I wonder what Kasab went through. Did he curse his luck that he stayed alive. Did he repent killing so many people? Was he enjoying the enemy's hospitality? Was he angry that his family, his village and his country disowned him? Given a chance would he have reformed? Could we have turned him against Pakistan? Was there a chance he thought he would be pardoned? Was he happy with the biriyani and kababs?

So while we all slept, Kasab had his last kabab and bid adieu in the most ironic and painful way he could. In the same way he snuck into India under the cloak of darkness and with the same stealth that he killed, he was killed.

We like to think we are children of our destiny, inevitable results of our circumstances. Kasab had a choice. He could have grown up and worked hard like the hundreds and thousands of people that he and his compatriots mercilessly killed.
Instead like hardened spies, he held fort and took his secrets to the grave.

Can we atleast ask Pakistan for a refund?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ghosts of politicians past [87/365]

Political assassins are an interesting bunch of killers.
While society abhors the different, there are a few that  romanticizes the bad boys.

Balwant Singh Rajoana, former cop, recent celebrity and assassin of former Chief Minister of the northern Indian state of Punjab.
More than 15 years after he killed the politician, he has suddenly become the most favorite bad boy of sardar-land. Heck, he even got an award or two!
When the special court sentenced him to death, sikh organizations around the state rallied and demanded that the President pardon him and save him from the gallows.
And in what resembled a blinking match with courage the cowardly dog, the radicals won. The government stayed the execution, at-least for now. (Read the 'to die for' story here)

His reason for killing another human being apart, this case has a lot of significance in telling us how a country that started out secular has now shriveled into 'something' that is ruled by a motley bunch of unintelligent people with absolutely no will of their own.
Human rights activists and opponents of the capital punishment will forever harp on how we need to forgive and forget the bad sheep amongst us. But the next guy that slams into one of their SUVs will bite the dust.

Something that Balwant said struck me. He mentioned how he was filled with contempt at some of the people campaigning for his clemency and observed that most of them probably don't really care about him anyway.
He spoke correct.
They don't care.
Infact, most of us don't.

Most of the people campaigning for him are probably doing it with a hidden agenda. To measure the bargaining power that Sikhs as a community possess in a democracy like ours.
And for now, it looks like we yield as much clout as Ms Banerjee does.
The battle has been won, but the war is far from over.
Recommended Read:
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Friday, March 23, 2012

From beyond the grave [82/365]

Two days ago, a Pune court sentenced to death two drivers who raped and murdered a BPO staffer many years ago.
While I sympathize with loss of any human life, the system erred too.

Six years ago, one of my friend's colleague boarded a cab to go to work.
That was the last time she was seen alive.
Her cab driver drove her to an isolated village, raped her and killed her. Her belongings were stolen and it took a full three days before the driver was nabbed.
This crime created ripples in the BPO and ITES industry. (The news here)
Wide-sweeping changes were introduced.
Female employees would be accompanied by escorts when they traveled at night.
The Drivers can no longer call the female employees themselves but the transport help desk of the company, who would conference the employee with the driver.
Employees, on their part, where cautioned to not get 'too' friendly with the drivers, who are mostly illiterate and migrate from villages to cities in search of jobs.
Companies spent many lakhs in revamping the transport department, streamlining and plugging loopholes.
In the meanwhile, the driver responsible for this was only recently sentenced to death.

There is no easy way to describe a crime so gruesome, but there are a lot of loose ends.
How do I know? Well, I worked in the same company with the same people who worked and traveled with her. The same people who were warned by the company to be silent about the crime.
The driver had a previous grudge against the lady since she had complained against him. He lost his job shortly after this. This had sparked vengeance in his mind. Whether the complaint was genuine or not will never be proven. But this is true- Most employees, mainly women are very mean towards drivers. They expect them to be their chauffeurs, at their beck and call. Many won't step out of their house unless the driver is at their doorstep. Most will not hesitate to sent out a complaint.

Companies have always treated their women with kid gloves. Many of them are petrified of possible sexual harassment from frivolous women. Proving innocence becomes the onus of the companies.
At the expense of making sure complaints raised by women are dealt with promptly, they rush to grab the calf when the bull gives birth. The driver may have broken a traffic rule or two, may have been rude or silent at the employee, but this certainly didn't have to lead to a termination.
The company erred on their part by not being sensitive towards the driver. He was after all an employee with all the aspirations that the lady would have had too.

But the crime has sparked debate on how a lone driver who weighed less than the victim could drag her out, rape her and slit her throat. Although he has denied the role of any accomplices, I doubt it. When it took two men to do the same deed on a lady in Pune, I wonder how a lone driver could manage to carry it off in Bangalore. Interestingly, the husband of the victim had taken up an insurance on his wife only a few months before the murder. And he stood to get a million rupees (Rs 1,813,693/- to be exact) in the event of an unfortunate or unnatural death. If the bells have not started ringing yet, here's more. He mourned the loss of his wife and love of his life, got the cheque for a million rupees and then moved to another city to marry again to start his life afresh with a pot-load of cash. The needle of suspicion also points to the husband since he didn't seem too inclined to fight for the truth.
The law erred on their part when they didn't dig deep enough at the right time.

Companies periodically sent out reminders of their transport policy which indicate that employees are not supposed to build a rapport or unnecessary conversation. They are cautioned against 'pissing' the drivers off or asking the driver to change the radio station of their choice. Some companies even portray them as people who would not know how to behave themselves with women and can be tempted easily.
The system erred, when companies started treating drivers like third rate citizens.

I've traveled with all kinds of drivers. Some rude, some impatient, some indifferent, some ignorant. I've also traveled with drivers who are graduates, owners of businesses and married men who have been doing their job for more than a decade. A common feeling is how a single driver has soiled their reputation and trade. But most of them have been good people, with aspirations just the same as mine. One driver even wanted to learn many languages and do a bachelors degree through IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University).
It's easy for us to be irate at them when they pick us up a hour early or even if they don't. I know people who direct all their pent up rage and frustration towards drivers.
We erred too. By creating a bias in society, we've set ourselves up.

RIP. Let's hope we don't suffer more Prathiba's and Jyothikumari's.

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