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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Waiting for Christmas...

For Christians around the world, across the ages, December means all things joyful and fresh beginnings. 

My earliest memories of Christmas was Santa, skits at church, lots of gifts (one of two events in a year when I would get gifts) and plenty of cake.
Santa is something kids learn to grow out of, but more than a year ago, when my niece and nephew was visiting me during Christmas, they were ready for Santa with notes and a wishlist of things they would like for Christmas. Not one to let them down, I bought all the things on the list and slid it under their pillow as they slept. The joy on their faces was incentive enough. 
They even preserved letter Santa wrote to them all year. They studied hard, played hard and made their parents proud and happy. After all, that was what Santa had asked of them.

This year, as I searched long and hard for a particular book that I wanted them to have for Christmas, I also made sure Santa appreciated them for the wonderful kids they were. Now, I may be biased about how adorable the children are, but I do know I love them as much as I would love my own children. 

As children, we wait all year for Christmas and the wonderful surprises that are in store. 
As grown-ups, Christmas comes to mean lots of wine, plum cakes and time away from work.

For many others, Christmas is  a gentle reminder that you will need to have booked your tickets for the New year bash. If you haven't already, then what are you waiting for? Christmas?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Christmas!

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