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Monday, April 11, 2011

We love Satan!

I simply couldn't control my rage when I read about how a teen got raped 4 times in just two hours. Adjectives like Barbaric and Satanic come first to my mind.

While many of us live a charmed life and most of us are keyboard activists par excellence, what defies my logic is how we stop short of definitive results. Of course the four culprits have been arrested but its only a matter of time before all of them are roaming the streets again.

Our society has depraved so much that it no longer matters if you are influential or not. Infact the less influential you are, the better (Ala Shiney Ahuja, who was judged guilty by the media way before the court did).

Castrate them!
That's the popular verdict, but I don't think it'll do a jack shit to our proud rape statistics or any of the future victims.
We need to make an example out of our rapists. We need to teach them a damn good lesson right now.

While couch activists (myself included) may label Delhi as the Rape capital of the country, personally I think Delhites are racing to earn a host of other epitaphs. Corruption and a society that appears to have been anesthetized by crime, Delhi is as unsafe for women as Beijing is to a Asthmatic patient.

Where did we go so wrong?

National Capitals are supposed to be the model of social living. Atleast that's what you're taught in school.
But the truth is bitter and many that I spoke to about the rising number of rapes were fatigued with all the 'bad news' that is in the papers nowadays.
But I bet the victims and their families won't be thinking the same. For the victim, this means her entire life is changed. Her family? Lesser chances of getting her married off now.

Will we ever see hope?
Well, as long as we have B grade models like Poonam Pandhey offering to strip to motivate and people who actually promote her by interviewing her and giving her the 15 minutes of fame, I think our chances are slim.
As long as we have people who salivate on rape scenes in movies, our women will be raped.
As long as we have movies where the men (read Heroes) chase women until they fall in love, I think we will have an increasing number of women who will suffer the burden of rape.

On second thought, I think we need to change our religion to 'Satan worship'. We are after all doing all that God has forbid us to even think of. We rape, pilfer, plunder and destroy our own kind and then offer elaborate darshans. Even dogs don't rape their kind!

I believe by changing our secular status to 'Satan Worshipers' we can finally shed the mask of being secular and be of a civilized society. We can finally find peace in the fact that we are following our 'religion' in its truest essence. Satan is mighty pleased.

Mission Accomplished!
Next on his agenda: World War 3

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