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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Does it really matter?

Recently a college student fell through the glass roof when she tripped a step.
While the girl is in battling for life after she fell 20 ft head first into the concrete, the college authorities have washed their hands off their unconscious ward. 
Never mind that the girl's family are unable to raise the money they need to meet the spiraling costs.
What really matters is while the college authorities are calculating their costs and cutting their risks, we fail to remember how this has now changed the lives of an entire family. All in a snap. (no pun intended)

Does it really matter who pays for the hospital expenses? 
Does it really matter whose negligence caused this?
Will it matter to the college if the girl ever wakes up?
Will the real culprits please stand up?

Have you ever wondered how people squabble over things that are seemingly unimportant.
I've seen grown up children hurt their elderly parents over property and inheritance. I've seen how some of them plunder and loot their parent's trust on them. How they wish their parents just died and bequeathed all that wealth to them.
But does all that really matter?

For all the awesome moments that we think defines our daily lives, there should be times when we must sit to ponder if any of our delusional thoughts of self importance really matter.

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