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Monday, December 24, 2012

Of Bophas' and Evans' [359/365]

We control the fate of millions of people but isn't it strange that we are sitting ducks when there is a storm or an earthquake?

Whats even more surprising is how we barely feel the effects of a disaster just a few thousand miles away. I remember how a natural disaster a few decades ago would elicit almost instantaneous outpourings of aid, relief and sympathy. But when typhoon Bopha and Evans hit our eastern cousins, it didn't find place on our front pages. Cliched as it may sound, the world has become a lot more distant and complicated.

Distracted by our paralytic governments, we forget that millions are reeling with the effects of our actions. While it is now fashionable to throw the term 'Global warming', I hardly think it is funny anymore. It isn't something that may happen to someone else in the distant future. It is something that is happening right now. You may not be in a place that is being ravaged by storms or droughts, but you are still contributing to it. Chances are if you are reading this, your city/town has very good policies set in place to recycle (Bangaloreans can ignore this term), control pollution and save the planet.

But is the planet really being saved? Do you really think you are not going to experience a storm, drought, heat/cold wave, an earthquake, flood or a fire?
All you are really doing is just saving your arse. Temporarily.

Just as we need to save ourselves from tyrants and criminals, we need to save our planet too. We can't afford to let the wealthier nations determine our policies anymore.
Who's listening?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rubbish! [304/365]

So what if we still don't have a comprehensive waste disposal system in place, we won't stop living it up. After a weekend of festivities our prudent authorities have confirmed an outbreak of avian influenza. Simply great!

I love chicken and although I eat it a lot less than what I used to until 2 years ago, I still think chicken is an integral part of an Indian's diet. Seeing how a pandemic like this struck at the pockets of the small poultry farmers and tourism in other Asian countries, you'd imagine India would have taken care to see it didn't occur here.

But then India has never had a comprehensive disaster recovery plan when it comes to natural or man-made disasters. We do have wonderful fiction on paper but when it comes to putting it out in action, we fail. So today Neetha declared that chicken is going to be off the menu for a while. Panic struck me. I had to educate her that there is no way that we could get it when we aren't exposed to infected poultry.

I can imagine how this is going to affect millions of people who depend on poultry in and around Bangalore. People are inadequately informed about the virus and since the government isn't doing enough to spread awareness, an outbreak like this leads to public hysteria.

It doesn't help that garbage is covering half of our streets. Years ago, Surat was in the spotlight for an outbreak of plague. While the city has managed to clean up since, you'd think our award-winning civic agency would've learned a lesson or two about public hygiene. It shouldn't really take an American newspaper to put a mirror for us to change.

I've said it before and I'll say it again- the blame lies on us.
Half of us elect people who won't disguise their greed and myopic public vision. The other half simply won't vote. The elected then rule with absolutely no fear of a recall and impose themselves on us. We complain. We threaten. And thanks to our electoral system, we loose our resolve to unseat the corrupt.
Repeat cycle.

If you haven't voted until now, I won't force you to change your habit.
But remember that by not voting for the right person/party, you loose the chance to change.
You become a mute spectator to mutiny that you could have prevented.
You put yourself at the mercy of scumbags that were voted by illiterate slum-dwellers whose only interest was in free packets of biriyani, booze and Rs 500. Or mixer grinder, fans, TVs and laptops if you are in TN.
But ofcourse, you won't need any of these since you are indignant and dont want to vote.
I won't force you to vote since you think you are not going to be affected regardless of who is in power.
But this I will tell you- By allowing one corrupt politician to be voted into power today, he/she is going to do everything in their power to remain there. They will loot as much as they can lay their eyes on. They will covet every rupee that you pay in taxes and you own. They will create laws that will affect you- the guy/gal who didn't vote for them. That's right, they wont discriminate. They will loot and swindle every anna paisa you have until you are dead. And then in five years, they will come back with packets of biriyani and empty balloons of promises and win their votes and you won't be able do squat about it.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Bad Hair Day [123/365]

The great Indian god just got a new hairstyle.
Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar has come of age and changed his curls to ... well, a disaster.

Sachin's new hairdo looks like a one-night-stand between Uncle Fester and Cousin Itt.
But why all this fuss over so much hair? In the West, we are used to discussing celebrity hair disasters, but are we allowed to go Rakhi Sawant about Sachin's hair? C'mon, this is his hair. And if Gajini could encourage youngsters to sport the hideous hairdos four years ago, I don't see why Sachin's barber cannot try his creativity on the head of the most famous cricketer alive. Where is the fashion police when you need one?

I guess all the brouhaha is simply because we are not used to seeing Sachin the way he is now. After all, the god of cricket always had the same mop of curls since he dropped off the womb. He probably even used the same wiry comb all his life.

But honestly Sachin, this new hairdo looks hideous. While it did shave off a few decades off your young face, you now look like one of those eve-teasers ready to molest the next thing in a sari. Coupled with that clean shaven look and checkered shirts, you look like a 20 year old chamcha.

Maybe, he is hitting back at the junta for the less than euphoric response we showed when he was nominated to the Rajya Sabha. And Sachin, if you think we are going to approve your stint at the RS in return for those curly mops again, then you are mistaken. We'll just Photoshop all your future posters.

On a scale of disasters, Sachin's new hairstyle beats all the wacky prosthetic stunts that Wacko Jacko did in his entire life. And my alter ego would like to ask: 'Who are you, and what have you done with Sachin Tendulkar?'

Or maybe, Sachin just fell asleep at the barber's chair and his barber had a Mentos moment.

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