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Friday, August 03, 2012

Guest Post: Creating Photobooks online

Now a day’s digital photography has become custom. Everyone is using that and you will feel like you have an awesome amount of unorganized pictures. There is way to arrange all your photos wonderfully in a photo book that is available for all generation to view it.

Ψ First of all if you are planning to order for photo book then decide for what occasion you want to order it. For e.g. Christmas, wedding, kid’s memories, Trip to some place etc. it should be always worth looking back and remembering that days.

Ψ Always look for Photo Books discount deals that are beneficial to you while shopping.

Ψ Collect all the pictures which you want to include in photo book. Look at all the photos from your folder in computer and decide which should be included and excluded. Make sure that the pictures you wish to use are best and exclusive. The people who are present should be identifiable in a snap.

Ψ There are basic fundamentals required for making photo book. There are so many websites where you can create photo book. Creating the book online is absolutely free of cost.

Ψ In most of the cases you can view it and even send it to your friends and family members. You are not incurred with any charges until the book is printed.

Ψ It merely depends on you what type of book you want to print; a soft cover book or hard cover book. Both will have different printing charges. Some coupons offers free shipping charges and some of them don’t if you are having coupons or coupon codes for free shipping.

Ψ There are many photo companies which can be helpful to print photos.

Pick a service for creating an excellent book. Tons of services are available online such as “Kodak Gallery”, Shutterfly, Snapfish, Scrap book, free shipping at Mixbook etc. The services varies with prices, quality of the books that are provided, sharing of the book, templates they offers, and even whether they tell you to create book online or via an application form that you can download to your desktop. There are many pros and cons related to these approaches that these services offer. So pick the best that works best for you.

Ψ Create your own book. Put all your favorable snaps on pages by themselves and mix it with less favorable snaps on the other pages. If you are doing it on your own then you will never do that wrong.

Ψ Be sure that the book you are making will be meaningful for recollecting the past memories.

Ψ Making this photo book and gifting to your friends on their birthdays or special events will add an extra charm in their occasion.

Ψ If that book is related with your friends then you can print multiple copies of that and distribute among the group.

Ψ Creativity and themes are vital because it adds a different and unique look.

Ψ Crazy look, fonts, stickers, attractive background is necessary for it.

Ψ Many online sources are offering this service for free. Make sure that the source which you are using is free and allows you to use the coupons.

Author Bio:-

Sophiya Aden is a contributor and writer for She writes how to save money at the time of online shopping. Couponing can save your budget while you are ordering for photo books.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas!

When wives grow fonder towards their husbands and when every business worth it's balance sheet announce a 'upto 50%', then you know it's finally the Christmas week.

Christmas - Also the biggest week for Christians all over the globe.
Now, I am not against the way Christmas has been commercialized, packaged and sold, because it's so wonderful to see many non-Christians joining in the festivities. It is near heavenly when you hear malls play 'Halleluiah' and the Christmas classics around this time of the year. After all it's not every time you get to hear 'Joy to the world, the Lord has come' in a world torn by religious strife.

But is this what Christmas was really meant to be?
Window shopping for Christmas decorations, I struggled to understand how people wouldn't bat an eyelid when spending close to Rs 5,000 ( Approx $100) a piece for a single wreath and mistletoe. Now I am not a penny pincher but having seen how many people we have around us who live a day at a time, simply because the Charities that work for them have no funds.

Growing up, I remember how Christmas was about sharing, forgiving people who have hurt you and reconciling with people you have hurt, giving to those who really need it and sharing the joy!

While I fail to see all the hope and joy that Christmas is supposed to symbolize, I believe it's just a matter of time before we come full circle and begin to truly appreciate the reason for the season.

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