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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This has gotta change [80/365]

Religion is the crutch of weak people.

World over, more men have used religion to rule and subdue women.
The headlines today was an eye opener to how another man has used the tool of the triple talaq to his advantage.
Shahtaj Khanum, former deputy mayor of Bangalore and married woman, narrated how her husband gave her the triple talaq through an newspaper advertisement almost a year ago. (Read the exciting story unfold here)

Apparently, the estranged husband divorced her after she lost the last elections. How convenient.
That the chap decided to divorce his wife through the newspaper when the registered mail came back undelivered was at best unimaginative, at worst a sign of utter weakness.
Now c'mon, we've heard infamous tales of young lovers breaking up over an SMS and companies firing their CEO over a phone call, but this? Now, this has got to change.

The last time I wrote about talaq, quite a few readers who were hurt at the facts I stated insisted I rewrite them to make it appear less caustic than it was. I refused. 

It is easy to sympathize with the victim, a lady, in this case. If she was a victim of much abuse, then what made her wait so long before she decided to come public?
Throughout the article, we hear a lot of posturing. File the goddamn suit, lady. Stop threatening.
Why did the guy not have the balls to say the triple talaq in the presence of his wife, like he was legally supposed to do. She is not a fugitive!

And if you look carefully, there is a lot of money and a child involved here. Talaq be damned, any divorce is bad news for the child. While the facts are obviously against the estranged husband, the root of the evil is much deeper.
The lady here is not a saint either.
According to her statement, she allowed the husband to misuse her political clout to amass wealth and admits feeling useless to her husband since she lost in the elections. See any red flags here?
If she is as honest and strong willed as she proclaims herself to be, she would've nailed his ass for graft and not traded her self esteem for a term in office.

Which makes me think. What are they fighting for now? 
Wealth? Possible. 
Custody of their daughter? Does not look like it. The husband didn't appear too excited about the idea. 
Integrity? By washing their dirty laundry in public, they can kiss any last bits of integrity goodbye.
Fame? Maybe. She does reiterate her desire to make this a monumental judgement ala Shah Bano.

But what has got to change is how unscrupulous men, and bitter women, use divorce laws as a way of getting at eachother. No more.

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