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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Banged up abroad

An incredibly popular series that reveals real life accounts of how westerners were caught smuggling contraband while traveling.

Banged up abroad makes you marvel at the naivety and wonder how gullible people can be when offered a chance of easy money and adventure.
A common thread among all the victims is how they are inadvertently lured into a trap. Of course nearly all of them are innocent mules who find themselves weakened with temptation.
The format of the show makes sure the narrative is accurate, fact-based.

Having been caught with serious drug trafficking charges, you'll see how prison reforms an individual.  Nonetheless, I've being surprised how a person can turn off their conscience.
Whatever he/she has done, no matter where the roots are, you'll always notice how the victims muffled their inner voices even when there were red flags at every step.
They always let their desire for a better lifestyle get the better of them. 

Looking at how guilt and remorse can reform a repentant person, I am reminded of the benefits of tough prison terms and of how our justice systems rarely succeed in catching the real culprits most of the times.

I am also reminded of an instruction that my Dad gave me as I started traveling. 
Never accept/agree for luggage that is not yours. 
This simple instruction meant that I should at all times pack my own luggage and be sure not to carry anything that you know will get you into trouble, whether you are lucky or not.

Later when I started earning, Dad gave me another piece of advice that has stuck with me for years - Never fall for the lure of easy money.

I've learned that money that you haven't worked for, will end up digging your grave.
Good things in life are worth struggling for.  
So if something appears to be too good to be true, it probably is.

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