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Monday, December 31, 2012

Ze List v2.0 [365/365]

So I finally reached the end of my 2012 Challenge!

Ze List v1.0 was the most read post last year with about 6000 unique readers. Ze List v2.0 hopefully builds on that with my take on what was interesting and what made the cut (or not)

We've had incredible ups and downs this year but looking back, I now know the meaning of 'Be still and know that I am God'.

The Great Indian Circus
We had the government and all its cronies do a sequel by sleep-walking through parliament this year. There were plenty of misses and a few hits though no-one can pat themselves on the backs for.

It's all relative. From sports stars to wannabe bimbos, it doesn't look like they learned anything from the last year. Great year for Raja though!

Censorship and the Year of Hacks
The year kicked off pretty bad for folks like me who depend on freedom of speech. Governments everywhere realized it was simply not worth trying to muzzle free speech.

Will be remembered as the year when a ill-conceived prank took its toll.

End of Days
Surprisingly, this year was supposed to be the last. We were not supposed to survive the Apocalypse. But seeing how we did, let's hope dumb-asses like Harold Camping won't spoil us with another doomsday warning.#BrittanicaEncyclopedia #BigBang

One of the reasons why I think we all believed 2012 was the end was because of the way many economies in the West unraveled. Austerity is still the dirty word that must not be uttered.

Continues to be the speck in the eye for the West. When threats didn't work, embargoes did. But frankly, Iran is much too strong and well-built to be cowed down by a bunch of Caucasian bullies.

Bush'ism (noun)
Term given for the unexplained and outrageous insanely things that politicians became famous for saying. 
Synonym: Verbal Diarrhea.
Subject of intense research done by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC). Scientists are hoping to extract blood samples from Obama in the hope that they can create politicians who will be as refined and skilled as the American president.

Sexual Miss Conduct
Children and Indian women got the raw end of the stick (quite literally, too).
While Delhi and other Indian States notched up rapes like it was going out of style, it took just one 'brutal' rape to get us out with our creatively written banners asking for stricter anti-rape laws and legislature. Apparently the only women who are truly safe in Delhi is Sonia and Sheila.
No one wants to talk about the 26 year old mother who was blindfolded and gang-raped for several hours before being dumped in Kolkata. 

'Brutal' and 'Castration' became household words and it was just another year for Incredible India.

Pirates Ahoy!
Two Italian marines on-board an Italian cargo ship shot dead two Indian fishermen. What followed was a sordid tale of how the victim's family fought for a whole lot of money and won. Seeing how sluggish our judicial system works, the marines may have all the time in the world to learn some new Indian languages.

King No More
Bad year for the aviation sector. While Air India got the kiss of life, Kingfisher landed and never took off. Mallya may not be poor but he surely has a strategy. Or has he lost interest in his 5 star airliner?

Famous Deaths
An interesting line up of obituaries this year and with the kind of talent that left us unlucky mortals, I think God is casting for an Epic soon.

Full Tension Release
Our over-paid, under-worked pot-bellied politicians put their time to good use- porn in their palms.

Above the Line
If the govt said you were not poor if you earned more than Rs32/- a month and you laughed at the thought of that, then you'd have died laughing when our conscientious politicians declared that millions moved up the ladder this year.

From Master blaster with a bad hair day to Average Joe with shoes of concrete, the greatest batsman cricket has ever seen became a Rajya Sabha member and retired from ODIs. From one source of income to another, he executed a fine knock over the boundaries.

2012 was truly Didi's year. Or was it?
From being chuddi buddy with the ruling party to being isolated as a failing chief minister of an impoverished Indian State, the transition was complete.

Lyrical Gangsters
So what if the he didn't have the look or the moves, the whole world got obsessed with the horse-rider from the East. Oppan Gangnam Style. 

Natural disasters and Fiscal Cliffs
From Japan to the United States of America, it really didn't matter how rich or powerful they were, nature and money showed who's boss.

Hanging up the Boots
Several high-profile retirements left Indian cricket worse than it was. And oh yeah, let's not forget F1 either.

Guest Posts
I saw my ratings soar thanks to enthusiastic guest bloggers who wrote for me this year. One of my most popular guest blogger was AJ whose posts got about 5000+ hits. Thanks to you all!

Free Ads
A fairness cream for down under caused such a furore and tons of free publicity.
Honey Singh was thrown from relative obscurity to outright (in)famy with his 'Balatkar' lyrics.

Vidya Balan
She showed us how grit and sheer determination can bring success. What a Kahaani!

Indian Olympics
From winning our largest haul of Olympic medals to being kicked out from the IOC, we came full circle. Touche`

India lost an Aarushi about 4 years ago. Her parents are still paying the price for asking who did it.

From loosing terrorists to loosing face, our western neighbor had a pretty busy year.

Touted as one of the biggest IPO launches this year, FB fell flat on its face. Made for a great Kodak moment though. #Facepalm.

Unsung Heroes
'Hold the Thought, Get the Point' featured some unlikely heroes that you won't hear, will never see and would probably forget very soon. They made the list because of their sheer grit, dedication and character.

This section will probably be repeated in every single list of every single year. This year India saw the steepest increase and some token decrease in its prices. Suddenly cycling and walking looks like a better option.

Sunny Leone
She came. We came.
'nuff said.

With an obsession for attention, SRK cartwheeled himself into my List a second year in a row. #IPL5.

Aamir Khan's Sathya Maye Jayathe placed a mirror in front of us and we were forced to take a long hard look at ourselves.

One of the most anticipated Superhero movies made us all laugh, fight and believe in the supremacy of American vengeance.

Vicky Donor
Surprise package. Literally and otherwise.

Indian Presidential elections
Probably the first time, anyone ever fought to have their (wo)man at the Rastrapathi Bhavan. Predictably, logic took a back seat and Pranab bailed himself out from a sinking ship. Nice move!

US Presidential elections
Fodder for standup comedians and couch potatoes. No prizes for guessing who won.

Woof Wolf!
Pinky & Pascal Mazurier. Names that many have forgotten by now, became the unwitting victims of vengeful partners who took advantage of the quagmire called the Indian Justice system.

Of Money plants and Mud
Time and Outlook got at eachother's throat for calling their respective leaders a lame duck. Each saw their rating soar and we forgot who won.

Mass Shootings
We saw a new kind of jihadi.

From crazy lunatics firing into a packed theatre to socially-inept children killing other children, 2012 was all about ducking the bullets. #GunControl

Kasab Khatum
After years of fattening him up, we finally slaughtered him. Indians celebrated.

Naked Royals
Just three words: Pasty White Skin.

Bangalore Trash
We wanted our government to act on our trash. Not because we cared for the environment but because we had see (and smell) our trash every single moment of every single day for months.

From winning a billion dollar lawsuit against Samsung to unveiling new gadgets, Apple did it all.

Julian Assange
When all else failed, he simply walked into the Ecuadorian embassy. Now why didn't he do that earlier?!

Of spoiled sons and sons-in-laws...
This year, we heard (a lot more) about the famous sons and sons-in-laws.

...and wayward Generals and TV hosts
While Jimmy Savile was spared the embarrassment, Gen. David Petraeus was caught with his pants down. 

You've been flashed!
If libdubs were a rage, the past year saw plenty of flash mobs taking bystanders by surprise. Corporates and NGOs took to flash mobs like a duck to water to spread their message and brought a little bit of Bollywood into their lives.

The untimely death of an Indian dentist in Ireland ignited the debate supporting abortion in exceptional cases. What good is religion when it can't save precious human life?

Have a great year ahead!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Epic Fail! [356/365]

Yay! So the world didn't really end and we all get to die another day.
Here's hoping that the Martyr of National Shame: Nirbhaya gets to recover from her injuries.
I'll be back tomorrow after I've unpacked my End Times survival kit.

Enjoy the rest of your day, folks!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The day after Tomorrow [355/365]

So we have finally reached the last day on earth.
As I write this post, I'm filled with the profound grief that I won't be able to finish my 365 posts this year.

All because the Mayans ran out of space to add another calender year. But if you thought that was silly, wait till you hear this-
Dozens of Michigan schools closed early for holidays, sending home 80,000 students, due to rumors related to the Mayan doomsday and police in China arrested almost 1,000 people belonging to the doomsday Almighty God Christian cult for spreading rumors about the end of the world.

Upto 30% of all adults polled earlier this year believed that the world will indeed 'end' on the 21st Dec, 2012. And so the Hollywood movie 2012 became one of most successful movies this year grossing $770 million worldwide. Talk about feeding the growing appetite for fear.

For those in the West who think vengeance and victory are as American as Apple Pie, we now have an internet hoax which tells us that PSY's nonsensical prance is proof that he is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Now, I don't know nor would I care if the world ended tomorrow.
Atleast I know I won't have to worry about reaching work on time or paying my credit card bills.
But there is something to all the publicity around the End Times. Every major religion talks about them and every believer is free to interpret in a way they like.

Somehow I realize it isn't because we are worried we will run out of rations or face unruly mobs. It could be because we all have 'unfinished business'.
Our inherit fear of death and subconscious realization that we will suffer the consequences of our thoughts and actions (or the lack of it) could be the reason why we are petrified.

We are too caught up trying to pack as much into our lives because we are told we have just one life to live. We are too reluctant to pause.
As a young person, I don't expect to die of natural causes anytime soon, but when the time comes I'd like to die with the peaceful realization that I did the right thing at the right time and never withheld goodness from anyone it was due to.

Are you ready to die tomorrow?

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Storms are coming [305/365]

In the movie 2012, planet Earth is being ravaged by natural disasters leading up to the end of the world as we know.
What's interesting is how everything happens almost simultaneously.

Now, personally I think 2012 is a wonderfully done movie and plays to the survivalist streak in each of us. It outdid 'The Day After Tomorrow' in almost every technical department and grossed a ton of money too. A bunch of looney toons endorsed it and we even have a city that put up a countdown timer so that its citizens can be constantly reminded of how long they have before they die!

But do I think the earth will end and we will all die on the 21st of Dec this year? I don't think so. If it were that simple, I'd say we wouldn't have so much sin and evil and everyone would have turned a believer. In the Bible, Christ was often asked about when He thought the Judgement day would happen.
He would answer, 'The day and time is not for you to know... and it will come upon you when you'd least expect it'. Fair enough, I say.

I don't want to live like I am going to die in 50 days, but live to make each day count. Many people who believe the world will end this year have cited increasing civilian unrest, geopolitical struggles, rising economic instability and increasing number of natural calamities as proof that we will all die this year end.

Recent human and nature conflicts have only fueled their theories.
So while the whole of the East Coast and much of South India has seen the fury of bad weather because of Sandy and Nilam, many got an impromptu weekend and caught up on some much needed shut-eye.

But in the meanwhile, I happened to talk to a certain person who firmly believes that the world will end this year. Right after he pointed out why this convincing theory is water-tight, I asked him what his new year plans were and he told me that he had already booked his tickets to party in Goa.
I rest my case.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Reunion [20/365]

An artist rendition of The Judgement Day
If you would ask a Christian what is their least favorite book in the Bible, chances are that the answer will be the book of Revelation.
Revelations, the final book in the Bible, reveals the end times and the coming of Jesus Christ as the rightful and just King of the new Earth and Heaven.

Recently, preparing to go for the 10th reunion at my college, I was overcome with anxiety. I had to be dressed to impress many of whom I'd met over a decade over. I was excited to finally meet the people who shared over 3 years together.

In Revelations 19:1-9, we see John's narration of how Jesus is exulted both in Heaven and earth, after the fall of the harlot.
We see how He is praised for His righteous judgement of Earth and the great harlot who corrupted His people with her fornication.

Would you be a nervous wreck waiting to meet your Creator or would you be excited that you are finally meeting Him.
While I took great care to prepare for my college reunion, I was less anxious since I was already invited.

But will I be invited to the reunion dinner in Heaven?
Will all my loved ones be there with me?

These are pertinent questions that will make me anxious.
Not all who call on His name will be counted but those who believe in Jesus alone.


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