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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Oops I did it again! [128/365]

Source: The Daily News
Every year around November, I have a recurring nightmare.
I imagine myself walking into work wearing one of those dhotis. Fastened with nothing more than hope, I also imagine that my dhoti comes undone when I am walking. And I am completely oblivious. And I have clients visiting us. And there are cameras too. And I am being streamed live. Not a pleasant nightmare, you see.

Wardrobe malfunction, a euphemism made wildly popular by Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake during the XXXVIII Super Bowl, is anybody's nightmare. But for obvious reasons, many celebrities and faux celebrities seem to have embraced this particular brand of fashion faux pas as a way to make a bold statement. 'Look at me'

Google the term and you'll be surprised at all that flesh that peeks back at you. Oopsie! That ill conceived strap was simply not meant to fall like that. Couple that with a mortified look and you'll quickly be forgiven.
But you've got to admit it- Getting a peek at something you didn't want anyone to see but don't mind them noticing is the cheapest PR that a celebrity can get. Women with their malfunctioning wardrobes are the easiest way to show the world how they still have the curve, with none of the inhibition.
After all, skin sells. Pictures and videos of your infamous slip would have gone viral even before you sleep that night.

What amazes me is how virtually all the malfunctioning is only happening with women's clothing. I mean, why aren't men having any of those malfunctions? Or maybe, we already do.

So what if the wardrobe doesn't malfunction at all? What if that plunging neckline and the slits hold their fort and refuse to flap or lift inappropriately? As disturbing as that thought is to most men, this will also mean the wearer of the perfect dress will go unnoticed.
And if you are someone like Poonam Pandhey or Malika Sherawat, that means another day where you are not in the news. But for celebrities who'd do anything for that dress to malfunction, and for fans of this genre, the recently concluded 2012 MET Gala is the place to be. Those Anthony Vaccerello gowns and Givenchy couldn't have looked any less.
Women who wore it and the men who watched realized one truth- 
'What is revealed is significant, what is covered is crucial'

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